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ledwallet 2011-06-13 06:37
Publix Grocery stores is changing its Health benefits policy. Unfortunately that will cause the majority if not All part time employees to lose their medical coverage at the end of December 2009. Previously Publix offered Part time employees, that averaged 25 hours weekly a comprehensive health plan. The new policy is that those same people, some of them 20 year employees with families, have to work a 30 hour average week or lose their health benefits.

The catch is that Publix does not allow part timers to accumulate 30 hours weekly. In turn causing almost the entire part time workforce of Publix Part time employees to be without coverage. These employees will not be able to reach the prerequisite of 30 hour per week average, because Publix rarely works its Part timers more than 10-25 hours per week. The Publix corporation has for years utilized part timers to keep their overall Full time staff numbers to a minimum, in turn making it possible to take such good care of their full time employees.

Publix should be ashamed by this change in Policy. For such a large, Very Profitable, and Locally owned business. Publix is well known for being a great place to work, Treating its employees very good, including part timers, offering great benefits, Profit sharing, always making the list of Top employers in Florida to work for. To do this to so many Part time Mom's, Retiress and young students who over the years have been loyal and hard working is just plain wrong. For the Jenkins family and Publix to allow this change and affect so many Families is unacceptable, for what .05% better bottom line profit. Is someone in the Human resources looking for ways to improve Publix bottom line at the cost of possibly 1000's of loyal part time publix employees. In a period where Health care is a National issue and so many people are losing their health care Publix should be doing the opposite, making it easier not harder for these people to acquire good reasonable Health care.

The reasons behind this move have to be driven by $$$, but at what cost. The health and welfare of the people and families who made Publix what it is today

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