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TEDennis 2013-08-27 12:20
Pssst ... they're working on a new website, but don't tell anybody until they announce it, 'k?

We should take a vote on which of the following websites looks the best ...

1)  -- This one was "developed" by Matthew Shepard.  He also did TerraVital's website and Envoy-Energy's website.  BTW, the domain is for sale.  Yet another failed business attempt?

2)  This one looks like a quick-n-dirty clone of the data from some pages of the existing site.  It was probably an attempt to show Shepard what their new design would look like if they were hired to develop the new site.

and, of course, there's the existing site:


Note: the above list ain't all of 'em.

Hey "best bud" Shepard ... you really should leave website development to website developers.

Sure is a pretty day.

sirdon 2013-08-27 15:38
At least I give them credit.  Longest running scam I have ever seen.  Maybe someday the authorities will shut them down for good.
2013-08-28 00:13
Dear God. These criminals have no shame. This is worse than the cheesy infomercials about stupid, phony stuff. I cannot believe even 1 person would even put 1/10th of a penny in this scam. Ok, maybe badpump the duped involuntary moron or campbaker (nice man, zero investing knowledge - may Saul rest in peace). This is beyond retarded -- it's downright CRIMINAL! I am forwarding the RAPOWER link to the IRS Enforcement Division (you can too - I guess I never really went on the site and listened to the most untrue, baseless, flawed bs as I did this evening. These criminals are below pond scum. If they don't burn in eternal H-ll, no one will...
TEDennis 2013-08-28 10:30
re: IRS Criminal Enforcement Division

Yeah, well ... good luck with that.

Those guys get THOUSANDS of complaints ever year.  *IF* your complaint is one of those that passes the initial desk clerk screening for validity, it MIGHT be looked at by an investigator sometime in the next 3-5 years.

Typically, it will get handed to a desk clerk and stored in the already overflowing "stuff-to-look-into-when-we-get-some-time" bucket.

What is needed is one or more of the RaPower3 "team members" to request a ruling on whether or not their "Alternative Energy Systems" qualify as "Placed in Service", and thus qualify for the tax credit.  But, it's unlikely they will do that, because their tush will be on the line and they will have to refund the credit, interest for a number of years, and possibly penalties for filing a fraudulent return.

Or, we need one or more of them to complain about STILL having to wait for their 6x purchase bonus and their $150 annual rental fee for units they bought several years ago.

Complaints from law abiding citizens who haven't been financially harmed rarely get any traction.  The IRS is too busy following up on claims by those who complain they were ripped off.

The IRS just doesn't have enough staff to follow up on ALL complaints.

Sad, but true.

Hey, pearson_lincoln ... you got suckered into this mess.  Have YOU contacted the IRS yet?

Sure is a pretty day.

TEDennis 2013-09-03 17:35
My old pal goodbet has been bragging about the TEN GROUND BREAKING ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES from IAS ever since a ten item list was first displayed on the website back in May of 2012.  The list only had SEVEN entries prior to that.

What's goodbet going to do when the new site is published (better late than never), and they don't even MENTION some of those TEN GROUND BREAKING ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES?

I haven't seen any mention of:
. The Biomass Burner
. The Capacitors
. The Circuit Board
. The Zinc Battery

But, they still have a chance to add those before they publish the site.  It's still not completed, you see.  And, therefore it's not "fully operational".

Hmmmm ... it's not "fully operational".

Hey, that sounds just like the solar power pilot plant near Delta, UT !

Just you wait ... any day now !!

Two more weeks, perhaps?

Sure is a pretty day.

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