Could close at 10 cents

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sambam500016 2013-10-09 12:20
People will not want to on the outside going into weekend, Monday "could" be a settlement announcement, why take the chance?
2013-10-09 12:23
tepe 2013-10-09 13:39
WooooHOOOO! I'm making a fortune on VCSY!!!

Just hit the high of the day at 9.49 cents.  Come on gimme 10!!!!

Hope the mediation results in something, but I doubt it.  I have a suspicion that Sammy is taking this to trial.
tepe 2013-10-09 13:50
9.8 cents last trade.

YeeeeHAWWW!!!!  I'm richer!
2013-10-09 13:53
Yeah tepe. Just imagine all those people who listened to you months ago tuning in now and finding you really weren't being honest about your claim to "dump this dog" at 5 cents and you not only held what you had but bought more. All while telling them how worthless it was to expect any value out of VCSY. What a shame. I wonder how many fortunes were given up months ago by taking you seriously? Do you think many of those people would post here now? Or does that bother you in the least? I would say you couldn't care less because you're the only one you're interested in. Your words. Your claims. Your way. Your board. HA Welcome to it fat boy.
stockwabbit 2013-10-09 13:57
Probably less money lost if anyone listened to him  than there was lost by the people that listened to a guy that screamed buy when this was dropping like a rock from the $$$ to sub penny.
tepe 2013-10-09 14:14
I know it pains you moonpimp that I have made $XXX,000 on this stock. I have been completely honest in every post I made.    It's you who's been lying for years.  About IBM and MSFT.  Finally VCSY put you in your place, and you pouted and left RB.  Good.  The stock has gone up since you left.  Your hype and lies were making it look like a pump and dump.

The difference between you and I is that I post objectively.  I look at the pros and cons of the situation.  I have posted both sides.  All you ever post is hype and made up crap, pure speculation and fantasy.

Why would I possibly want anyone to sell this stock, or not buy it? I've even posted when I bought, and stated that I never sold.  I have never told anyone to sell.  So why would anyone sell if I haven't? Why would they not buy when I said I did?  I just post some opposing views, so a potential investor has all the information to make a decision.  You spread so much misinformation and outright lies, that someone has to. LOL!

Yes, I'm making tons of money on this stock.  I have NEVER said VCSY was worthless.  I still believe some of their patents are worthless, especially the bogus FO patent.  I have said I don't think it will EVER be worth the hypes $75 that you say it's worth.  It won't happen.  But with my holdings I can make a ton of money, and already have.  I hope to make much more.

Why are you so obsessed about the ones you claim "missed" the ride?  Why do you care? You're obviously a self-serving egomaniac so it shouldn't matter to you.  Those who believed you in 2000 and bought at $6 are still way under water. You don't seem to care about them.

And there's still not been one article written about the patents nor the lawsuits.  NOT ONE mention in the industry about Emily.  And HP hasn't said a word about VCSY being the reason for the $8.8 billion writedown of Autonomy....becuase it wasn't.  VCSY has nothing to do with it.  Guaranteed. 

LOL!  I'm loving it!
tepe 2013-10-09 14:17
Reply to #1912935
Right on stockwabbit.  There are dozens of them still way underwater for listening to portuno when they bought at $4-6 and are unlikely to ever get that back imo.  Some of them are here.  I don't see anyone bashing me for supposedly talking them out of buying.  I don't think I've ever said not to buy.  I have been the "devil's advocate" here.

LOL!  Look at him whine.
2013-10-09 14:18
yes tepe you made money on this stock while you preached gloom and doom for years and discouraged any new investors  whats that tell the board? hmmmmm!
2013-10-09 14:20
You mean all those who studied and learned and averaged down to where they're way in the green now? Yeah. I'm happy for them. Those who were scared away have you clowns to blame. Those who are celebrating now can thank themselves for having the good sense to think logically and carefully. They took information that was available and made some sense out of it... instead of pretending to see nothing while the elephant was walking through the living room.
2013-10-09 14:20
many never bought in a 2 cents because  of tepes gloom and doom predictions you said this stock was worthless too bad for all.the potential investors who listened!
stockwabbit 2013-10-09 14:22
Best volume in 4 years if my stats are correct..................

tepe 2013-10-09 14:28
The FACT is, this run is still all speculation.  What are you going to say if VCSY settles for peanuts again like they did with MSFT when they accepted $2.9 million and ZERO royalties? 

NOBODY has been proven to infringe as of today.  NOT ONE COMPANY. 

This is at 9 cents on pure speculative run.  It was at 12 cents after the MSFT settlement announcement, then it fell to 1.2 cents overnight, after the actual amount was announced. 

Portuno aka moonpunk claimed there would be "hundreds of millions per year" in income.  There's nothing yet.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Until then, I'm loving the $XXX,0000 gain!!!  Yahooooooooooooo!
stockwabbit 2013-10-09 14:28
Anyone who uses advice from a message board to base their investment decisions on it is a fool.

People avoided this because of over inflated dreams.

A few have cried wolf too many times.

This will move based on merit.

Not the rants of a false genius.
tepe 2013-10-09 14:30
The ones who bought at 12 cents 5 years ago on your hype and lies bout MSFT are still underwater.  Shame on you.
2013-10-09 14:33
Only the ones who gave up or didn't continue studying and learning and averaging in. You're crawfishing. You stayed. What kept you hanging on and buying more stock?
tepe 2013-10-09 14:35
Precisely, stockwabbit.  I dare the pumpers to show me ONE POST where I told anyone not to buy the stock, or told anyone to sell.  If they sold, it was on their own free will.  If they didn't buy, it was their choice.   I have suggested that people buy for a hype spike before the IWOV case was concluded.  And I was's here.

The stock has run up ever since moonpunk aka portuno disappeared.  Coincidence?  I dont think so.  There's been a much more realistic tone here since he and Dabblerdan have been gone.  I think that made investors more confident overall.  So we're up 4X since VCSY slammed portuno with their IP FAQs and set the record straight.

I'm loving it!
tepe 2013-10-09 14:38
"studying and learning"

Bwahahahahah!  Portuno the self-proclaimed "teacher" of technobabble.  LMAO!

This is a stock board.  All one has to do is watch the case proceedings on Pacer and the stock action.  Make your bets accordingly.  You don't have to "study" anything but the facts and watch the stock.  You don't have to "learn" anything about "technology" to speculate on a stock rise.

GO VCSY!!!  Make me richer!
2013-10-09 14:42
No you didn't tell anyone to buy. You just told them this was a patent troll with worthless patents and technology nobody needed. You told them VCSY would lose the lawsuits. You told them their patents would be invalidated. You told them VCSY would be forced out of business because they have no value. You said you were going to "dump this dog" when it reached 5 cents.

Those who respected your words did precisely that. Now they're reading that you didn't sell the way you said you would. Now they're reading that, in fact, you bought more and now you're celebrating the way they should have... could have... would have been celebrating had they not taken your statements seriously.

You were serious about what you said, tepe... weren't you? I mean, you were being absolutely serious about what you told them about VCSY then? So why shouldn't they have taken you seriously and done precisely the inference you gave them; to not buy any at 2 cents and to sell what they had at 5 cents.

Now it's 9 and here you are celebrating... on their misfortunes.
tepe 2013-10-09 14:47
Liar.  Show me where I said that.  I said most of the patents are worthless.  The FO patent is junk, imo.  521 hasn't made a penny in almost a decade.  744/629 have made a grand total of $2.9 million to date.  Emily isn't talked about anywhere.

No, I don't buy into your grand fantasies.  If others want to, that's their perogative. 

I posted when I bought at 1.5 and 2.5 cents.  I didn't hide anything.  I knew there would be a hype spike on these lawsuits, eventually.  We're witnessing that now.  Until the results are shown, and they justify the current ~$100 million market capitalization, it's all hype.

Nope, I never told anyone to not buy or to sell.  I have presented facts, and opposing views to consider.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Absolutely nothing.
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