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avatar 2013-08-20 09:59
Vertical Computer Systems Inc Kaatn - You should sell all your shares in VCSY...
I(dabbler) don't know KAATN. I just know that in an effort to befriend me, he sent me dozens of emails of what he claims are of him. Several of his emails have a similar nutty dialogue to how he posts here. I can assure all VCSY Longs that KAATN will not disrupt the VCSY-chat message board like he does ragingbull and Yahoo message boards as melt-those.
avatar 2013-08-19 16:31
Vertical Computer Systems Inc After we see results from Interwoven
choo, In the past I felt the same way but I have come to realize that silence is the only thing that has protected VCSY against those trying to harm VCSY. VCSY needs the Texas Markman Hearing ruling and then we can expect to see three settlements and then when everyone is looking at VCSY and scratching their heads trying to figure it out, then VCSY pays the Emily fees and puts all the big boys at check-mate. imo