Meet the New York State Teacher That Mastered ‘Momentum Stocks’

By RagingBull Staff

When he first started trading, he was lost, confused, and not sure how he was going to fit in with folks managing substantial accounts.

After all, he had just a few thousand dollars to start with.

Everyone around told him the stock market was only for the big whales.

A guy like him won’t stand a chance against them.

So, they mocked him. Challenged him and even questioned his ‘momentum stocks’ trading strategy.

Not only that, he has now taught thousands of entry-level and experienced traders the inner workings of momentum stocks…so that they can also learn how to potentially grow their small accounts into huge nest eggs…one day at a time.

Meet Jeff Williams. Premiere penny stock trainer.

After spending 12 years as a broke New York State teacher, he knew that trying to pay back $250,000 debt on a teacher’s salary wasn’t going to cut it.

So, he left that old world and decided to try his hands in stock trading –

BEYOND risky – and he lost over and over again until FINALLY he learned enough and found just the right strategy to start building his success.

How did he do it? By trading penny stocks – which he calls ‘momentum stocks’ – which allowed him to grow his small account one day and trade at a time.

He loves penny stocks because they trade for pocket change and are extremely volatile.

It doesn’t take much for these stocks to potentially double or triple in a very short time – or go down just as much.

Sometimes overnight.

He gave us a simple illustration to prove his point.

‘If a $1 stock moves just another $1, that’s a 100% gain!

Compare that with shares of Amazon that are trading now for more than $2,000.

It would have to move more than that for someone to double their money. And that may take years.”

It’s the combination of extremely low prices and explosive moves that helped him become more efficient in taking a small amount of money and building it over a short period – his most successful small account build was over 58 trading days with 2071% account growth.

It’s not uncommon for him to see several double or even triple-digit movers each day in stocks priced under $3.00 per share.

But he always cautions that not everyone should trade stocks as there will be some losses for sure.

“Some folks invest in blue chips because their risk tolerance is extremely low and are quite happy with 8-10% returns over the long run. Maybe 10% a year is good enough for them. But not for me. These stocks were perfect for someone like me…who wasn’t rich yet but WANTED to take the risk to become one.”

“Most people think all penny stocks are shady. Anyone who mistakenly believes that should only trade blue-chip stocks like – Apple, Amazon, or Google. Not every penny stock is shady. You just have to find the right ones.”

Unlike other so-called experts who brag about the thousands of dollars, they gain overnight and never tell people how much money they actually had to start with…Jeff focuses on percentage gains and not the amount of money in each win – a hard-won mental lesson he learned after his 15 years of trading.

Jeff challenges himself every few months to start with small accounts and permits traders to watch him LIVE and learn step-by-step how he trades Wall Street’s fast-moving penny stocks with big positions during market hours.

He has already turned six of his small trading accounts into big ones. Yes he did have some losing trades in each challenge – anyone who says they don’t are lying – but his success in growing accounts over a matter of weeks and months speaks for itself  – 600% in 6 months, 573% in 9 weeks and even 2051% in 58 trading days.*

*Results presented are not typical and may vary from person to person. Please see our Testimonials Disclaimer here: https://ragingbull.com/disclaimer.

He has applied his strategy and made money in all types of markets – bearish, bullish, and even the choppy ones.

Not only that, he has also worked with thousands of traders ranging from bare-bones beginners to trading veterans…

And believes virtually anyone – as long as they have the desire to work and improve – can learn to grow their small trading accounts, guard themselves against common pitfalls and target potential winners while keeping risks at the lowest level.

As a former teacher, he spent 12 years breaking down concepts and lessons for students in the New York state public school system.

Bringing that experience to trading, he now condenses complicated stock market and trading knowledge into tiny bite-sized pieces of information traders can digest each and every day they learn with him. 

For example, if someone asks him, “Well, why did you get into this stock at this price and why are you taking profits there?” He walks members through his exact thought process… pairs it with charts to give them a visual of why he’s buying at a specific level… why he thinks the stock could build momentum… and why he wants to take profits if the stock goes up say 20% or more from where he bought.

Traders love him for the fact that due to his simple teaching, they don’t have to stare at the screens all day…

Once you’ve learned the strategy, you can apply it to trading ‘momentum stocks’ while they’re at their job or anywhere (even on vacation)… and still have a real chance to spot the type of opportunities most traders daydream about.

Teaching about and trading these stocks helps Jeff to live his dream life…and he loves every moment of it.

And now for him all it takes is 30 minutes to an hour each trading day to identify stocks he wants to play – and wants to teach as many people to get there, too! 

It lets him hang out with his kids, watch them grow up, and help around the house.

And he wants the same thing for folks who come to him to learn how to trade momentum stocks the right way. That’s why he has built…

600% gains
573% growth
2051% gains

The Most Comprehensive Training on Momentum Stocks Trading Ever Created

As Jeff has shown it’s possible to start with a few thousand dollars or even a few hundred dollars, trade momentum stocks…and grow a small account over time* – but you have to be willing to put in the time to learn with him.

*Results presented are not typical and may vary from person to person. Please see our Testimonials Disclaimer here: https://ragingbull.com/disclaimer.

“Of course, you’ll lose sometimes. Everyone does. What’s important is whether you have the knowledge to build a comprehensive plan or a strategy to deal with failures,” Jeff advised.

And even if you don’t trade these stocks now, the next few weeks and months will have a huge impact on your life.

So, the real question Jeff thinks is – How prepared are you now? For yourself? For your family?

You can either wait for the good times to come…

Or do something good while time’s still on your side and learn what Jeff thinks is probably the most important skill to learn right now.

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in learning more about how Jeff is consistently growing his small trading accounts using momentum stocks, take a free look inside.

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