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They are on a mission to make fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently.

Their patented fuel additive uses nanotechnology to improve fuel efficiency up to 8% and cut harmful vehicle emissions by 50%.

Led by a team of PhDs, they believe that revenue from one successful pilot trial could generate $50M+ in revenue for the company.

From the consumer adding this to their tank as they fill up, to national truck fleets and multi-billion-dollar fuel providers adding it to their entire supply…

I believe this startup has massive application opportunities.

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They are just one of many startups making waves and doing good for the environment and our society as a whole.

But I share a few more of my favorite CleanTech startups in the briefing I just published.


What is CleanTech?


Clean Technology (CleanTech) aims to reinvent industry and business to protect the environment and secure a better future.

In most cases, you can use Green Technology, Eco-Friendly Technology, and Clean Technology interchangeably. Think of things like solar power and electric motors, these innovations disrupt traditional industries with green, clean, sustainable solutions.

I’m going to give you a quick overview of CleanTech and show you some of the hottest and most interesting startups in the space.

We just added a CleanTech startup to our deal flow that’s developed a patented fuel additive, proven to improve efficiency while reducing harmful emissions by up to 50%. To join, learn more about the opportunity and risks, and start investing –– click here.

Six Main Areas of CleanTech


Six areas are vital to CleanTech. Virtually all of the green innovation we have seen over the last few decades has focused on these.

  1. Water
  2. Transportation
  3. Energy Generation and storage
  4. Waste and sustainable materials
  5. Built environment
  6. Agriculture and food services

As you probably notice, these are some of the most important resources for human life.

So why these six?

The truth is, there are massive problems within all of them. We don’t know what to do with wastewater, our vehicles create smog and damage the ozone layer, waste piles up by the day, and our farming methods are depleting the soil.

These old ways of doing things just aren’t sustainable. They have led to pollution in our air, water, and soil.

Don’t worry — it’s not all bad news. Bright startups are making going green easy and potentially profitable. It’s time for this new era with a new set of rules. This is what CleanTech is all about.

And no matter your take on all of this, investors have decided already — CleanTech is the next big thing.

The CleanTech Market


Most of you are already aware of the typhoon of funding that has poured into green startups over the past few years. The only thing greener than their technology is the wads of cash investors throw at them. Ever since this sector came online around the turn of the millennium, it has been all the rage.

Today, at least $30.7 trillion is held in CleanTech investments. Since 2016, this number is up 34%.

If you think this is all hype, you are dead wrong. The demand for CleanTech grows each year. Turns out, saving the world is quite the incentive.

Today’s average consumer has a surprising amount of knowledge on sustainability. And the hardcore group of eco-friendly buyers is bigger and more demanding than ever. There is no more denying that the demand is here.

CleanTech’s Secret Weapon: Sustainable Investing


Green startups have a little perk that you won’t find elsewhere.

Because of the gravity of the situation, governments across the globe are giving out grants, bonds, and loans to fund green startups. And because of the profitability of the situation, many incubators and firms specifically target sustainable ventures for investment.

This special focus and preference for sustainability mean that the startup you funded in its seed round is very likely to get more essential funding in later rounds. Most of your other startup investments won’t have these special checks coming in.

For me, this gives CleanTech a wonderful little X factor.

And, even as commonplace and popular as CleanTech is today, it’s important to realize this is still its infancy. The innovations and opportunities keep rolling in and there are more grants, bonds, and eager investors to fund them each day.

CleanTech Startups


Of all the incredible CleanTech companies out there, I picked a few of the best that showcase what CleanTech has to offer. Here are some of my favorite CleanTech startups.

1. EV Charging Network


With the growing success of Tesla, Rivian, and Nikola comes a need for accessible and efficient EV charging stations. ChargePoint means to make more of these stations than anyone and become the world’s leading EV charging network.

How are they doing this? With top-of-the-line public charging stations, innovative charging subscription plans, and special grid management technology. ChargePoint covers all of the bases of the EV market by letting businesses, fleets, and individuals plug in.

ChargePoint has raised a total of $659.2 million. Its last round was a Series H funding which is now closed and no longer open to investors.

2. Startup Turning Waste Into Fuel


The demand for clean transportation is here. While EVs are a hot-ticket item, batteries aren’t the only solution. Enter Biofuel. 

Biofuel is a sustainable alternative to gas and diesel that is grown rather than extracted from the Earth.

Enerkem is a startup that transforms waste into biofuels, renewable chemicals, and everyday products. It turns a profit collecting solid waste from municipalities and farms and converting it into cellulosic ethanol.

What I like about this is it tackles the fossil fuel problem and the waste problem at the same time.

Enerkem has raised a total of $655 million in funding. It just finished a round of corporate funding and is no longer open to investors.

3. Additive Makes Fuel Cleaner and More Efficient

So, we have battery-powered vehicles and biofuel, but what about regular old fuel? In 2050, diesel and gasoline will still power 80% of all vehicles. Is there any way to make this cleaner?

Yes, there is.

This startup, led by a team of PhDs, produces a nanotechnology fuel additive that improves fuel efficiency and cuts vehicle emissions in half.

Here’s how it works. They add a microdose of an environmentally-friendly additive to fuel — one to five grams treats 260 gallons of fuel. It only costs a few extra cents per gallon, but it reduces fuel consumption by 10% and decreases emissions by up to 50%.

The product can be used by refineries, gas stations, and the general public.

For the foreseeable future, gas and diesel will fuel the cars and trucks of the world. It’s incredible to see a startup using CleanTech to make oil less damaging to the environment.

At time of publishing, this startup is in the middle of their open investment round.

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4. Hyperlocal Air Quality Monitoring


There is a ton of concern about emissions and air quality. Many startups (like the first three) are working on reducing emissions by improving fuel and power sources. Aclima knows that the fight doesn’t stop there.

By offering air quality data and insights at a block-by-block resolution, regulators, governments, and industries can know exactly when and where the problem needs addressing.

Aclima deploys and manages region-wide networks of sensors, monitoring air quality at previously impossible scales. This new approach is less expensive and has over 100,000 times greater spatial resolution than traditional ones.

With this technology, we are better able to manage our cities and industries to improve human health and reduce damage to the environment,

Aclima has raised a total of $24 million in funding. After a successful Series A, it is now closed.

I love this particular startup space because it’s driven by passion, full of innovation, has a do good mission, and… I believe it is filled with success-bound startups.

Just like the CleanTech startup I just added to our Angel Investing Insider deal flow. Click here to see the name of this startup, learn more about the opportunity, and see how you can invest.

Chris Graebe

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