Key BTC Levels to Keep an Eye On

There’s been a lot of red in the crypto market the past week- so today I want to show you a few key bitcoin support levels that I’m keeping a close eye on- especially as we continue this choppy downward trend. These BTC support levels are really the key factors to...


Why I LOVE Using Bollinger Bands

Hello traders and welcome to another lesson on one of my favorite indicators to use when looking for potential entry and exits; Bollinger Bands. Jeff Williams here and today I spotted one of the biggest movers on all of Wall Street, ENJY. Not only was this one of the...

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Shorting Bitcoin!!!

Last week I was pretty bearish about Bitcoin. Everything speculative has been getting the kibosh, and the market has been in freefall with the occasional bounce. In a bear market, I like to short rallies expecting the downtrend to continue. Instead of shorting Bitcoin...

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