Securities Broker Charged With Defrauding Two Seniors


You’d probably think that brokers are out there to help people take control of their financial future…

While a majority of them are there to help and answer questions, as well as manage people’s money…

There are some greedy ones that slip through the cracks and will do what’s best for themselves.

Take this Tennessee-based securities broker for example.

He was in charge of managing people’s money…

Two of them were seniors…including a World War II veteran.

Instead of helping these seniors and their families, this broker — Frederick Stow — allegedly was in it for their own gain.

According to the SEC, this broker acted as the veteran’s registered representative for more than 30 years.

During that time, he may have gained their trust and placed himself in a position of trust.

The complaint alleges that the broker started to make unauthorized sales of securities from the veteran’s individual retirement account.

According to the SEC, the broker allegedly transferred the proceeds of the sales to his own bank account…

A whopping 74 times.

Guess what?

Allegedly, he crafted up wire transfer forms…

And one month after the veteran’s death in March 2019, the broker wired money from the senior’s brokerage account to his own, without authorization.

The grand total of his scheme: $933,500.

When it comes to brokers and financial advisors, I believe it’s important to conduct due diligence and be wary of them.

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Charlie Ngo

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