California Man Makes $2.8 Million Trading Stocks From Home—How?

Kyle Dennis was $80,000 in debt and working with his mom at a California real estate office when he decided to invest $15,000—nearly every penny he had to his name—in the stock market. With his entry-level job paying him only $35,000/year, this choice was a huge risk that he couldn’t afford to fail.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

In 2012, Kyle graduated college with $80,000 in debt and no job offers in sight. He asked his mom to get him a job at the real estate office, and after several months of saving a few hundred dollars a month, he realized he was never going to climb out of debt at such a slow rate. As a Biology major from UCLA, he knew his passion for science would never land him the comfortable life he always dreamed of either.

But he had one last idea. One that seemed crazy, but had a chance of working.

At the office, Kyle worked next to a man who traded stocks on the side, so he was learning a lot about the market.

Kyle had never been much of an investor. In fact, before this, he had never owned a stock in his life. He didn’t know anything about trading at all. But a few days before making his miraculous move, he had discovered a ​webinar by Jason Bond​ that revealed 3 easy stock trading strategies anybody could use.

The strategies were really simple,”​ Kyle told us in an interview. ​“They didn’t involve any math or anything… All it took was access to basic information that was free on the internet.”

After watching the webinar and discovering the secrets contained in it, Kyle decided to go for it. He invested all the money he had slowly saved in the markets.

In a single day, he saw his trading account grow. A few days later, as the trading became more natural to him, the gains became even bigger.

We had to verify this to be certain, but after seeing Kyle’s tax returns and trading account profits, we are shocked to report that he did, in fact, make $838,000 in profits the year he joined Jason’s service and mastered the lessons he was taught — more than enough to pay off his college debt in full.

In just 2 short years, Kyle turned his original $15,000 investment into a whopping $2.8 million, and won a Porsche from Jason Bond, who promised to buy a Porsche for his first three students who crossed the million-dollar profit mark (sorry, he’s all out of Porsches) but you can buy your own when you make a million.

Kyle’s story might sound incredible, but there are hundreds of others like it, many of whom got their start with ​Jason Bond’s stock trading webinar.​ The webinar is completely free to watch, and includes secrets that have made regular people financially independent, and some–like Kyle–really wealthy. Most people who watch the webinar are not financial professionals or even experienced traders. In an interview, Bond told us that many of the people who watch it are teachers, postal workers and retirees. Many of them have reported to Jason that they are making money in the markets today and with his help, have become more successful than ever.

Our recommendation: ​Sign up for Jason Bond’s next training event​ today.

We have received word that it could be taken down at any time because the level of interest is much higher than what Bond initially anticipated, due to the fact that it’s free of charge right now.

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