The new year is right around the corner! Me and my team of experts are so excited to officially launch Coin Command! More than anything we want to prepare you for the new emerging economy on the horizon. Here are three tools that I use DAILY that are a necessity to be successful in the digital asset space

  • A research platform! With over 16,000 different cryptocurrencies, how do you know which ones are worth investing in and which ones are simply not worth your time?
  • A buying platform. How would you even get into the digital asset market without having the proper tool to purchase the assets?
  • Solid platforms to earn interest on your assets. Passive income is a life changer; if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

In this article, I want to give you three easy tools that I use daily to get an inside edge to digital assets.


A Research Platform, Coin Market Cap

This is by far the most useful tool to find information.

There are really only two research platforms worth your time, Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.

Personally, I use Coin Market Cap, every day several times a day.

With this website, you can quickly find information on over 16,000 different assets. From Bitcoin to Doge Elon Mars, this website has them all.

You can easily find which assets are listed on which exchanges by pressing the market tab highlighted below.

From now on you’ll immediately know what exchange over 16,000 assets are located on.

Here’s a fancy new word you need in your vocabulary. TOKENOMICS.

You can also briefly see the circulating supply, max supply (if any), and distributed supply on the right-hand corner of any assets overview. These are the main factors of a specific asset’s tokenomics, but many other things factor into the tokenomics!

Just click on the show more button on the right-hand side and scroll down. 

Example below.


A Good Exchange, NOT ROBINHOOD!

If you’re still buying digital assets on Robinhood, please for your own sake, STOP. 

We’ve covered in the past why this is a bad idea, but simply put. It’s nothing, just an IOU from Robinhood, you don’t actually own DOGE/ETH/BTC, they just trick you into thinking you do.

Instead, use Coinbase or more specifically Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro is free and has far less fees than regular Coinbase. The user interface is more advanced and the tokens available grow every month.

By using Coinbase or Coinbase Pro you actually own the asset itself. Allowing you to safely transfer it to your hardware wallet.


Interest-Earning Platform! Celsius Recommended. 

Bitcoin is the best-performing asset of my lifetime. Now imagine if you earned higher interest on your $BTC as the price went up over time. 

That would be a no-brainer right? 

Platforms like Celsius offer anywhere from 6-3% interest on $BTC and 8-12% on stable coins.

There are many other platforms out there that you can utilize to earn a yield on your assets like NEXO, or Crypto.com, however, Celsius from my experience is the most secure and user-friendly.

Final thoughts

Above all, we want to prepare you for the financial future, which is all backed by blockchain. 

As we enter into the new year, keep these tools on your belt to remain successful and prepared in this ever-changing market. This space moves so fast, everyday something new emerges. However, these tools above have been constantly helpful to me, so I hope they’re to you as well.

We want to keep you up to date, prepared, and informed so that you can stay ahead of the pack. This space isn’t going anywhere, this isn’t a short-term investment. This market is here to stay.


Crypto never sleeps.

Jake McCarthy


  1. a very good outlook and advice how to get into a volatile but necessary entry into a new market almost mindset!

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