I officially sold all my BTC, Peter Shiff was right all along. 

Gold is by far the superior way to exchange value anywhere in the world, so I sold all my crypto and bought a train station and a super fast horse, named Biscuit. This way I can deliver the REAL value of gold in just a few weeks to anyone in the world.

I’ll be delivering the gold MYSELF so it’s still peer to peer, with no middle man, just Jake on a train.

😉 Happy April Fools day.

Okay jokes aside, the EU is trying again to pass another crypto policy that is not beneficial to them or their citizens. There’s also one indicator I use that showed me that we’re in for a slight correction before more upside. Last but not least, there is one crypto project I highlighted for my class that moved 500% in a day!

📜EU Transfer of Funds Regulation Will be Just as Effective as DARE in the 80s

With the executive order we saw last month, it seems like America might be able to start pathing the way in digital assets and Web3 innovation.

Shortly after the Biden administration signed this executive order the EU tried to essentially ban all crypto mining for environmental purposes.

Now they have another proposal up their sleeve… The EU is essentially attempting to make it virtually impossible to send funds from any wallet without Know Your Customer (KYC) information. This is due to the false narrative that crypto is used to launder money. Compared to traditional finance it’s 232 times LESS likely for crypto to be used.

So all crypto projects would essentially have to make KYC policies mandatory if they want to operate in Europe.

It’s crazy to me how little governments seem to understand about crypto, web3, and blockchain in general. Then they try to implement policies that are simply impossible to enforce. 

I don’t think this will pass, however with the two recent attempts by the EU to pass anti-economically progressive regulations America, SE Asia, and Latin America are setting up to be the leaders in the space.

It will have the same efficiency as DARE in the 1980s, none at all. This will probably backfire and send privacy coins like Z-Cash, Monero, and Dash up. Eventually.

😮This One Indicator Showed Me BTC Was in for A Correction

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), is the world’s largest futures derivatives exchange and they had a gap within their future trading that couldn’t be ignored.

These gaps are usually filled, but not always. It’s just another indicator I would take into account before you hop into a trade. We have a few CME gaps that have never been filled, so it’s not always spot on, but it’s pretty dang accurate. 

We have unfilled CME gaps in very very low areas such as 9.8k, so don’t take it as a trading commandment, just something to factor in.

🤑 Crypto is the New Penny Stocks

If you aren’t in my live streams you’re really missing out.

Check out this chart below, this is $NART a passive income project on the Avalanche blockchain, which we will go in-depth on next week. 

This crypto shot up +500% in about 24 hours and I bought it live on stream! I took the entire class step by step on how to get into this crypto. Now don’t fall in love with these “sh*t coins” as we say in this space. 

Crypto is full of opportunities like these.

I use these opportunities to acquire more BTC, ETH, and LINK. Why would I be accumulating USD when the government prints trillions?

If you love Jason Bond’s penny stocks, this is for you! Even if you don’t necessarily believe in crypto, it doesn’t matter, the potential is there waiting for you to seize the opportunity.

💪Bottom Line

As the EU treats crypto like the war on drugs more and more every day, remember who is winning that war. You cannot stop this innovation no matter how many pieces of paper are signed and proposed, that’s one of my favorite things about crypto.

There are always indicators you should check before jumping headfirst into a trade, one of my favorites is CME gaps. With extremely volatile price action, a CME gap usually takes place and we saw one with this recent movement upwards. 

Last but not least, if you love penny stocks then crypto is for you. Traders love volatility and this space is full of it. So don’t be shy! I’ll be sure to guide your progress every step of the way.

Jake McCarthy

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