Buenos días, Jake McCarthy here.

I just have to highlight these two projects for you. I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly without emphasizing their importance.

These are two digital assets I don’t want to miss and may never want to sell. 

The importance of these cannot be understated.

These two projects could be the most bullish digital asset of 2022 and something to hold onto long into the future.

Big names like Google, Swift, Boeing, and the World Economic Forum are preaching this tech all over the world. That’s how you know this is the long game!


The People That Run the World Love Chainlink

I can’t highlight the importance of this project enough. My favorite three digital assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chainlink ($LINK).

Chainlink was the missing puzzle piece Satoshi Nakamoto described when he was mentioning smart contracts back in the early days. 

What is Chainlink? Simply put, it’s a blockchain connecting data aggregator. It takes all the real-world information and puts it directly on the blockchain of the user’s choice. 

Giving clear outcomes and allowing smart contracts to interact with real-world events and data. Like auto accidents, weather events, healthcare information, supply chain resources, etc.

If you believe in the technology behind bitcoin, blockchain, then you believe in Chainlink. Period. 

When global organizations like the World Economic Forum are preaching this digital asset, it just seems logical for Chainlink to be essential in a well-diversified portfolio.

With staking set to release later in 2022, this is one project that I cannot speak highly enough about.

This is THE blue-chip asset of 2022. It’s hard for me to go wrong with dollar-cost averaging into Chainlink and just being patient. 


Hedera Hashgraph, Doing it Differently

I’m approaching Hedera Hashgraph ($HBAR) a little bit differently than I would Chainlink. Simply because the nature of what they do is different. 

First let me list off a few of their partnerships: Goggle, LG, Boeing, IBM, T-Mobile, and of course Chainlink Labs themselves. Hopefully, this has your attention.

Hedera is an enterprise-grade smart contract platform for organizations to store and distribute data in a much more cost-efficient and private manner than other smart contract platforms like Avalanche, Ethereum, or Solana.

While Chainlink is probably the most obvious passive income play I’ve seen in the digital asset space, along with staking Ethereum.  Hedera is more of the tech play to help me acquire more $BTC, $ETH, $LINK.


Final thoughts

Both the maturity of this market and the utility of distributed ledgers will take a few years to come into actualization. But when it does, it will be overnight. I want  to be on the cutting edge, not left behind.

These two projects are enterprise-grade blockchain utility projects, these are not degenerate plays or assets I’m looking to get in and out of quickly. 

These may take a few years to really become what they were intended to be all along. When it does happen though, you’ll be hearing about it here at CoinCommand.


Jake McCarthy

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