Have you seen this big drawdown?

Want to avoid the bloodshed?

Wish there was someone with almost a decade of experience to help make sense of all of this, or even Alert you before it happened?

Well, that’s exactly what I did for my CoinDrop+ audience…

There were plenty of warning signs to indicate a pullback from my perspective so let me show you something MAJOR that you’re missing out on CoinDrop+.

Keep in mind that this is a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee!

So if you don’t like it, no worries! We will refund every dollar you spent.

But I have a strong feeling that you will love it.

The CoinDrop+ Monthly Primer, A Great Start to a Bad Month

In this month’s Monthly Primer, only for CoinDrop+ members, I gave plenty of warning of a drawback coming…

Did I think bitcoin was going to pull us all the way down to 30k?

Yes actually.

So let me show you a sneak peek of what you missed out on.

This is the Monthly Primer for May of 2022.

I send out my Monthly Primer a few days before the new month, and damn was I spot on this month.

It helps to give my audience a few days’ notice of where I think the new month is going to lead, and this month I was more bearish than usual.

I alerted every CoinDrop+ member before the beginning of May that I could see a 30k bitcoin happening very soon.

And that’s exactly what happened!

I urge anyone that’s trading crypto, looking to learn more about the space, or looking to learn more about the future of finance to seriously consider CoinDrop+.

At just $97, or less than 25 cents a day. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all things happening in crypto.

Whether that’s a huge move downwards, the hottest airdrop of the month, or what to look forward to in the coming weeks. There’s something for everyone.


At the end of the day, I really give a damn about each and every person in this space, and especially my customers.

I truly want you all to succeed and become more knowledgeable and confident in your trading abilities. I don’t mind going the extra mile for anyone that may be looking to get into this space.

After almost 10 years of crypto experience, I know what it takes and what to look for. 

That’s why I created CoinDrop+.

I’m here to prepare you for the financial future, which is 100% backed by this emerging technology.

This is the future of finance, money, economics, and information sharing. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, is going to be up there with the greatest inventions of all time.

It will rival the internet, the printing press, the automobile, and the PC. I believe, and I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.

I think now is one of the greatest moments you will ever have to jump into this space. Especially with all of this recent downfall.

So join CoinDrop+ today.

With a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, airdrops given every month, and ample time to be alerted on huge moves like we just saw.

It’s an amazing opportunity with tremendous value that you won’t regret.

Jake McCarthy

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