It’s easy to get lost in this 24/7 365 market, especially when there is THIS much volatility. There’s a lot of angles to cover and even more trade ideas that pop up in my head daily!

But most importantly….

We want to hear from you!

We value each and everyone of our community members and customers. So we want to know what you want to know!

Leave a comment down below about any subject in Crypto you’d like to know more about! 

(No, not personalized investment advice, but…)

It could be education on certain assets, how to keep yourself secure, trade ideas, ANYTHING!

We want to know what you think!

In crazy market conditions like this it can be easy to get overwhelmed with questions about the crypto space. Whether it be where I think bitcoin may bottom, where we may head into July. Anything!

Let us know what you’d like to hear more about in the comments below. 

Jake McCarthy

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