If it isn’t obvious to you yet, we’re in an everything bubble globally

One day, this bubble will pop. You’ll either be glad you got into the new financial system or wishing you did. It’s that simple.

But first, $BTC continues to tap 45k. Now we’re not out of the woods yet, but this recovery is looking very, very strong for a longer-term $BTC price target. We could even have another all-time high in stores for us in 2022.

Congratulations to the federal reserve for reaching their 30 Trillion dollars in debt milestone, as well as reaching their inflation targets! Putting us at the highest levels we’ve seen since 1982. Two claps for the federal reserve for robbing the American public blind

As the narrative around $BTC highlights its utility as a store of value, the rising CPI & inflation rates are actually bullish for $BTC. But $BTC isn’t the only crypto that has a lot to gain from the everything bubble.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the everything bubble and how one digital asset, in particular, will be the new financial railways after this bubble pops.

TL;DR- The USD is the world reserve currency, but with how the Federal Reserve is printing it’s simply unsustainable for it to remain in this position. We’re in an everything bubble that will pop. Our traditional finance markets are being artificially inflated by the federal reserve. Inflation rates are the highest they’ve been in 40 years. Will $BTC replace the dollar? Probably not, but the technology behind it sure as hell will. However it plays out, I won’t regret holding $LINK.

The Everything Bubble Waiting to Pop

Our market makes zero sense. You don’t have to be an economist to tell that traditional finance is being artificially inflated.

All of this printing has consequences and it isn’t going to get any better folks. With inflation rates increasing to 7.5% a “savings account” isn’t saving you anything.

The decline of purchasing power isn’t going to change. What you can purchase with USD is becoming less and less as time goes by, and prices have to increase for businesses to remain profitable. This GIF below perfectly illustrates what is happening to the dollar. 

This is simply unsustainable, especially for the world reserve currency.

A New Financial System, Well On Its Way

As nefarious as it may seem, this poor economic policy isn’t by accident. The everything bubble we find ourselves in was intelligently and purposefully designed to pop. Once this happens, you can bet your ass that the regulatory-friendly digital assets will be ushered in as the new financial railways. 

The control of the economy in response to COVID-19 has been called the “Great Reset”. As ominous as it sounds, it’s not some sort of conspiracy theory, it’s the legitimate initiative by the World Economic Forum

The Great Reset is simply more monitoring over natural resources, more control over monetary policy, and more oversight on how you spend your money. Simply put, it’s more control in the name of “sustainability”.

ALL OF THESE THINGS will be backed by blockchain technology and take place on a few particular assets…

One Crypto You Need To Know!

Chainlink is required for blockchains to securely communicate with real-world data, this is called an oracle. I’ll say this again and again, if I believe in blockchain then I believe in Chainlink, period.

Without $LINK smart contracts cannot interact with real-world data and monitoring systems like the ones needed to have a “sustainable society” cannot exist. 

$LINK will be used for so many things. One major example we will see later in 2022 is cross-chain capabilities (CCIP) highlighted in their next major upgrade. Another example for future use could be aggregating carbon emissions from factories to tokenize carbon credits. The utility of $LINK cannot be underestimated.

This crypto, along with any other long-term hold you may have, NEEDS to be stored on a cold storage device.

For more information on Chainlink check out this post by the World Economic Forum.

Bottom Line

While our traditional financial markets seem strong on the charts it’s artificially propped up through government spending and business looking to negate the 7.5% inflation rate. Our debt to GDP ratio is uncontrollable, our inflation is at the highest it’s been in 40 years, and the prices of goods must rise to match it. This can’t go on forever.

The old economic system is on the way out, and a new one will be ushered in.  All of it will be backed by blockchain technology.

Crypto never sleeps. 

Jake McCarthy


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