Mr. Wonderful is mega bullish on crypto. Recently he has stated 20% of his portfolio is in 32 different crypto currencies! That’s quite the large percent,- but which ones is he holding?

We know that publicly Kevin O’Leary owns about 28 different crypto currencies, for a man thats stuck it big it be very telling to know which ones he has picked, and which ones he doesn’t touch…

So let’s dive into Kevin’s portfolio and see which ones he’s hodling strong onto, even in this bear market.

Do you share the same picks as Mr. Wonderful? Let’s dive in to figure out!


👀 Mr. Wonderful’s Main Picks! 👀

For a main worth $400 million dollars, and probably more. 20% of an investment portfolio is a huge amount of money. 

So what’s Mr. O’Learys main pick?

He has publicly stated that he owns 32 different crypto currencies, but never allocates more than 5% of his portfolio per crypto.

The main runner up?…


And understandably so.

Ethereum is about to go through something MAJOR this year, switching to proof of stake will lower the inflation rate of ETH drastically, and may have a positive correlation to the price of ETH.

Other guru’s may charge you big bucks just for that small amount of info, not us…

So I don’t blame him for having ETH be the largest allocation in the slightest.

Take a look at this chart below.

ETH Chart

This is the weekly chart for the ETH/BTC pair since March of 2020, after the covid crash.

An ETH/BTC pair simply means the ratio between how much BTC one ETH can get you. So the ratio between the two.

Followed by Ethereum, Kevin’s 2nd largest holding is of course bitcoin, no surprise there.

But what smaller cryptos is he hodling? Can you spot any that you own as well?

Let’s dive in…

👉What Smaller “Alt Coins” Does Mr. Wonderful Own?

Now to be absolutely clear, Kevin O’Leary hasn’t made his ENTIRE crypto portfolio public, however we have a good amount of crypto to dive into with this.

We know his largest holdings are BTC and ETH, which should be of no surprise. But what else does he own? 

Some of these may surprise you..


Kevin has also disclosed that he holds Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL), Serum (SRM), Helium (HNT) & Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR). 

He doesn’t keep his eggs in one basket..

However, polygon (MATIC) is the main scaling solution for Ethereum, so it could be interpreted that he is most bullish on the Ethereum ecosystem. Which is very common in the crypto space.

He also has some bet’s placed against Ethereum by holding onto Solana, a direct competitor to Ethereum, and Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR). HBAR can be viewed as the smart contract platform from private institutional use from companies like Boeing, Google, and IBM to use. As they’re some companies on their governance board.

This One May Surprise You

Kevin O’Leary is very bullish on NFT’s. He’s been on podcast with a major influencer in the space Jake Paul where they talked extensively about NFT’s and NFT use cases.

Not so much the funky monkey digital pictures, but more so the real world use cases for NFT’s.

Like tickets, deeds to homes, car titles. Things of that nature.

Immutable X

But one crypto he owns that fascialites all of this is Immutable X (IMX). He recently disclosed this in an interview during Bitcoin Miami.

🔥Bottom Line

Mr. Wonderful has predicted that crypto will be the 12th sector on the S&P 500 one day. So let that sink into your long term vision of where this is all going.

We thoroughly believe that it will be much larger than that, but in the mean time, we will take his acknowledgement of the serious impact this niche space will have into the future.

With one of the most prominent investing figures owning crypto such as ETH,BTC, SOL, MATIC, IMX, HBAR, and more, people need to take this space seriously when thinking of how to allocate the best investing portfolio for them in the years to come.

No this isn’t investment advice, just a good look into the portfolio of an investing genius. 

Jake McCarthy

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