I’m often up to the early hours of the morning diving into assets to give you the best crypto information you can find on the internet. 

I recently was doing a deep dive into one digital asset’s ecosystem that reminded me of why I called for Solana at  ~$23, which found its recent top at ~$250. This project could do the same…

I stayed up all night researching the team, the technicals, and the projects coming to it. The more I dove deep into this crypto, the more impressed I was. 

It seems massively overlooked by the crypto community… No one on social media is talking about it, none of your favorite crypto influencers have mentioned it, it’s underground for sure. But I found what is in my opinion, a diamond in the rough.

With basically zero gas fees, high scalability, easy adoption mechanics, and under $10 this is a gem at a hefty discount.

TL;DR- Kadena $KDA is a technological marvel that has yet to take center stage. I was blown away when I first read the white paper and saw the technology in action on their blockchain explorer. It really is impressive technology with a team to match. They have one of the easiest to use tool belts I’ve ever seen for programmers and developers. Not to mention one of the founders of blockchain is on their advisory board.

Kadena, KDA

What is Kadena? Kadena is a smart contract platform, like ETH, that utilizes a webbing proof of work consensus to achieve maximum transaction speed and virtually gasless fees. Instead of a transaction costing a hundred dollars or more on their platform, like Ethereum, KDA transactions cost a fraction of a penny. 

The webbing of transactions might not mean anything to you, but to me, it’s a beautifully simplistic way to solve for scalability and security. Kadena does this all while using, in my opinion, the most trusted form of consensus found in the crypto world, proof of work.

Kadena being proof of work means that it is a “mineable” crypto. So if I would like to aid in the decentralization of the network, while earning some $KDA in the process, I can with a little startup money.

Kadena, The Diamond in the Rough

So why am I so bullish on Kadena, KDA? 

Besides the superior technology to a lot of other smart contract platforms, the team is filled with some heavy hitters.

The most prominent would be on who sits on their advisory board, Dr. Stuart Haber. This individual created the very first concepts of blockchain, with Dr. Scott Stornetta, 20 years before the first BTC transaction ever took place. He is the single most referenced individual on the BTC white paper. Meaning that Satoshi would not have been able to do what he did without Dr. Haber and Dr. Stornetta’s contributions.

Besides their advisory board, their team consists of former employees from the most prestigious companies and intuitions on Earth. These include companies like Apple, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Twitter, HPE, Disney, Twitter, and even the pesky SEC.

Their founders are some heavy hitters as well. Stuart Popejoy was JPMorgan’s lead developer for their emerging blockchain group, and Will Martino was the technology lead for the SEC’s cryptocurrency steering committee.

Lastly, their developer tool kit ensures that the adoption of this platform will be smooth, prominent, and easy to build on. If a platform doesn’t have an easy method for developers to use it, then it won’t be adopted as quickly. This is not the case for Kadena.

Bottom Line

This space is constantly evolving, one week in crypto feels like 3 months in traditional finance. Kadena (KDA) seems like the next evolutionary step to smart contract platforms and scalability to the masses for decentralized applications.

Not only did the technology behind Kadena literally send chills down my spine when I fully realized what this was, but they had a team to match. Along with an intuitively easy developers kit, this is one diamond in the rough I had to share with all of you.

This space moves fast and it’s always evolving, Kadena is an extraordinary step in this evolution.

Crypto Never Sleeps

Jake McCarthy


  1. Thanks, Jake. You’re stuff is so good, I read it twice! If you could please address this concern at some point (live would be best – you are so good live on the mic): Obviously, stocks/options behave differently than crypto assets. From my limited perspective on this, how do you decide which coins are likely to make it, and which are the best to avoid, and which platforms are the best going forward (/BTC, ?ETH, SOL, ADA, etc)? I am particularly concerned about the volatile swings like +1278%, etc. Thanks for your help, Jake. You are amazing!

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