If you know me, I’m calm, cool, and collected when it comes to trading…

But nothing gets me angrier than seeing the crooks on Wall Street scheme and cost investors money.

It seems since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck there is no shortage of crooks clamoring to use it as a free pass on their prison sentence…

However, that’s not how the game is played, because the dirty money will get caught… just like the player who cost investors over $9M and ruined a friend’s like did.

Today, I’ve got an interesting story for you… one that will probably grind your gears…


How One Schemer Cost Investors Over $9M


Between 2011 to 2015  Ronald Van Den Heuvel told many investors about his company Green Box.

Supposedly, it was a company that takes trash that was contaminated with food and transforms it into something usable like recycled paper.

Of course, it sounded like a great idea… and some investors were in awe over the “technology”.

Allegedly, investors’ funds would go towards this eco-friendly recycling process. Being put towards things like opening a Green Box facility and buying equipment. Creating a truly green solution for post-consumer waste.

Well, that didn’t happen…

Van Den Heuvel was doing some recycling… but it was recycling investors’ money into his pockets.


The Timeline Of The Scheme


Van Den Heuvel preyed on many foreign investors.

Between 2012 and 2014, Van Den Heuvel raised more than $3 million from an asset management firm in Canada. He promised the Canadian firm, Cliffton Equities that its investment would go solely towards buying, as well as the use of specific equipment.

Between 2014 to 2015 Van Den Heuvel had moved on from Canadian investors and set his sites on China. In China, Van Den Heuvel and his company Green Box worked investors hard. 

Luring them in with the promises of the cherished EB-5.

But rules for the EB-5 are that money must go to creating jobs in the U.S. Van Den Heuvel was slick with his promise of their investment creating 116 U.S. jobs. However, this can’t happen if the person you handed you hard-earned cash over is using it as their personal piggy bank.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only shady activity Van Den Heuvel was up to.

Van Den Heuvel worked very hard to reel in investors and that sweet moola. Often, he would talk up his relationship with Cargill.

But the truth was quite the opposite. Cargill had kicked Van Den Heuvel to the curb in the past. An event that resulted in Cargill actually suing Green Box!

This wasn’t the only lie he was slinging to investors either.

Van Den Heuvel claimed he had tax-exempt bonds. Bonds that would supply around $100 million in financing.

But once again, this was all BS. Van Den Heuvel was FULLY aware that the state of Michigan has slapped down his application for these bonds.

He also touted that Green Box held a total of seven patents. A number that was far larger than the 1, single patent the company held.

Van Den Heuvel spent the $9.4 million he talked out of investors’ pockets on a slew of things… Many, not Green Box related.

Get ready for your head to spin with this spending spree, all using Cliffton Equities.

  • $325,000 paying the guy who promoted the EB-5 investments. 
  • $89,000 for a Cadillac Escalade.
  • $88,6000 rent for a slew of facilities that had 0 to do with Cliffton’s investment. 
  • $78,900 taken out in cash. 
  • $70,000 repay investors for Van Den Heuvel’s other ventures.
  • $65,500 towards paying hefty taxes in Wisconsin and the IRS.
  • $52,200 paying taxes on his mansion.
  • $44,500 on his ex.
  • $13,300 hooking that ex up with a place in Georgia.
  • $25,000 for Green Bay Packers tickets.

And this far, FAR from it all. But we don’t got all day, do we?

Van Den Heuvel also blew through between $2M to $3.6M money that came directly from the EB-5 funds.

Also, blowing $40,300 MORE on Packers tickets.

By 2017 the DOJ and the SEC came for Van Den Heuvel. But with help from an unexpected individual.

See while Van Den Heuvel was out sweet-talking foreign investors he also had no qualms against using those closest to him too.

Van Den Heuvel had a good friend that he sweet-talked into investing $600,000. An investment that soon totaled $1.3 million that went to Van Den Heuvel pocket. This investment was a leading factor in dooming this man’s relationship with his wife.

Van Den Heuvel buddy would see him and his wife at their mansion. See Van Den Heuvel’s wife cruising around in her brand spanking new Escalade. All while his life was imploding due to his investment.

It was Van Den Heuvel’s friend who’s desperate try to claw back his investment that aided in exposing Van Den Heuvel.

Ronald Van Den Heuvel was served up a 90-month sentence for defrauding investors at the lovely minimum-security federal prison camp Duluth.

But now this jailbird is wanting to fly the coop.

And is using COVID-19 to do it.

Van Den Heuvel is begging the federal judge to shorten his sentence and allow him to serve the rest of his sentence in the luxury of his own home. Playing on his age and health and the reason he should be released at once.

In his claim he …. Claims he has an autoimmune disease. Also, that has dropped 68 lbs., several teeth, and a big toe due to his diabetes while behind bars.

We’ll have to wait and see what the judge decides… 

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