I see the trades that Wall Street insiders are making…  BEFORE they’re public


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Did You Know…

Nearly 40% of trades happen in off-exchange markets including PRIVATE EXCHANGES CALLED “Dark Pools”

Only institutional traders and VERY high-net worth individuals can use Dark Pools to trade

These trades often precede MAJOR news stories or world events…often based on inside information only the ELITES have access to

Insiders do not have to disclose these trades until AFTER they’ve taken place

Dark Pools are used by the rich as an unfair advantage to get even richer…but regular traders are LOCKED OUT

Using a custom-built scanner that costs thousands to run each month, I’m able to detect these Dark Pool trades…

Almost as they’re happening!

Here’s How It Works…

STEP #1:

My scanner alerts me that a Dark Pool trade is going down

STEP #2:

I pore through the charts, upcoming product announcements, trial results – anything that can help me figure out WHY Wall Street just placed a HIDDEN multi-million dollar bet

STEP #3:

I use that information to pick an options play that I believe could ride that Dark  Pool activity to a big payout, and add it to my Dark Pool Picks Dynamic Watchlist.

Each week, I uncover roughly TWO DOZEN hidden trades that Wall Street insiders don’t want the rest of the world to know about!

Then, I send those trades to you

I teach you how I found the options plays I’m eyeing

I break down what my scanner was telling me…

I review the research I found that told me that Dark Pool activity that I think could be preceding a share-price-moving event

And then I explain, in step-by-step detail, how I chose the options plays to go along with all the information.

Look at some of the major price movements I alerted to my Dark Pool Picks members… BEFORE the moves!

I saw that TSLA was getting some serious action in the Dark Pools, so alerted my members…

And what happened during the next 16 trading days?  If you guessed a 53% move in the stock price, you’re exactly right!!

Same deal on ETSY… After a brief consolidation, the question was: “Continuation or pullback?”

Well within just a few weeks, Etsy ripped over 21%!
(Just imagine the options movement!)

I told my members on Oct 22nd about the activity I was seeing in sleepy old Ford (F).

Well a few days later, it started an epic
2-week, 32% rally!

Now of course, not everything that pops up on my scanner is sending a surefire signal that the stock will move in one direction or another.  And like everything else in trading, even my live-streamed dynamic watchlist and alerts come with no guarantees.  But since I’ve been able to get eyes on what the smart-money on Wall Street is doing, I’ve learned two important things:

  1. I’m no longer willing to trade real money without first seeing what the big money is doing.
  2. I am a firm believer that this information should be less cost-prohibitive and more accessible to the general public than it has been… UNTIL NOW!

This is the chance for regular traders to level the playing field… to fight back against the unfair advantage that insiders have… to TAKE BACK the power from the Wall Street fat cats!

Live-Streaming Dynamic Watchlist

Whenever my scanner detects a stock or ETF that’s experiencing major Dark Pool activity, I add it to my live-stream watchlist. Not only do you see the name of the stocks that I’m targeting, I give you the price targets that I’m looking to trade each Dark Pool pick – Often dozens of ideas, each day! 

If a name is on the watchlist, it means that not only has it seen recent Dark Pool activity, but that the technicals or upcoming catalysts have me anticipating a potential BIG MOVE! 

Dark Pools Watchlist Addition Video

Every time I add new names to the watchlist, I send you a video breakdown that explains exactly what I’m seeing, not just on my scanner, but the technicals and catalysts that I think these sneaky big-money traders might just be anticipating.

These videos are for you to learn how I approach the technical analysis and research that’s required before I enter a trade!

It isn’t just looking at a scanner and pressing “Buy.” But in these educational videos, you’ll learn my entire thought process!

The “Morning Swim” Email Alert

Each morning before the market opens, I’ll send you a detailed image of the premarket activity that maybe impacting the new watchlist additions, and how it affects my approach to trading them.

I’ll also update you on my current Dark Pool Picks positions, and connect you to valuable lesses connected to the strategy and setups that I’m using!

VIP Access to Private Archives

Here’s the thing: The more you study, the more you learn. When you join, you’ll get immediate access to more than SIX MONTHS worth of past content. You’ll be able to review dozens of previous Dark Pool trades. That’s dozens of opportunities to learn even more about my strategy and hone your skills.

I’ve also created an exclusive collection of lessons from myself and other RagingBull trainers that I think help traders understand how to put theory into practice when it comes to the volume of ideas found in my Dark Pool Picks service!

($247 / year)

$397 one-time (no renewal)
PLUS: Bonus Workshop Access!


If you’re not satisfied with your Dark Pool Picks subscription within the first 30 days, you’re not locked in!  Just call our VIP concierge team and they’ll help you transfer your full purchase price to another RagingBull Service!

Some of the strategies that Ben teaches in Dark Pool Picks require up to level 2 options clearance.

($247 / year)

$397 one-time (no renewal)
PLUS: Bonus Workshop Access!

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