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“I figured the risk was relatively low and decided to hold over the event for 510% profit Thanks!” Shared client William B.
“I made 1500% on your AMRN pick LOL!” Said Jason P.
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Penny Up

Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams ·

The Fed lowered interest rates by a quarter percentage point on Wednesday— a decision expected by nearly everyone. 

And despite all the chaos, volatility, and market rumors—here we are creeping up towards all-time highs. 

Market pundits are wrestling with the question: 

Where is the market headed next? 

I’d rather pop a brew and chill with family by the pool…



No, I’m not a lazy trader. The type of stocks I trade don’t move on the Fed, Trump, or anything else that the mainstream media is yapping about. 

I trade penny stocks… 

And they are popping every day. 

Let me just repeat myself one more time… 

Penny stocks aren’t concerned about the overall market chatter… because they trade off catalysts and the forces of supply and demand…

I’m not kidding… and I’m not using a lot of money to do it either. 

In fact, less than three months ago I started a small account challenge. I took a $3,000 trading account and I started going to work… attacking penny stocks… left and right.



(I send out my alerts in real-time, but I also coach and train traders in the Suprnova chatroom. Click here to find out more.)

That same account crossed the $20K barrier yesterday. 

Imagine, I took the same trades but with a $25,000 account…it would be worth more than $170,000!

But I like sticking to small accounts because that’s more in line with what my Supernova clients trade. 

I’ve put together a case study, highlighting how I scan for winning stock patterns, as well as, the game plan I use to profit off the most misunderstood sector of the stock market.


Supernova Explosions


I shared Guardion Health Sciences (GHSI) with my members as I do with every trade I take…

GHSI made a great base in a tight range over the course of a month… I watched as the volume started coming in, and once it broke above my Supernova Line…

I pounced on it… as did my members…

D.Y. — Out of GHSI for Plus $1,847.00

O.M. — Sold GHSI for $1,040 gain. Thanks Jeff

T.T. —Out of GHSI at .555. +$419 You did it again Jeff! Thanks U!


What is the Supernova Line?

Join Me Today… and the best part… I teach this every day LIVE

… and when it broke above my Supernova Line… guess what? Exploded like a Supernova!

Look at that chart… 

GHSI doubled in just 4 days, right up to the 50 day moving average…



Now, look at the J.C. Penney (JCP) chart below… when JCP broke the Supernova Line, we got a nice pop up as well…

The JCP setup was a little different than GHSI…

… after a downtrend… the stock made a base… and then we saw a gap up on higher than average volume (telling me there is real interest in this stock).

Once JCP traded back to the open of that gap and I saw the price hold there… I got interested… 

At this point, I am watching for the final pieces to fall into place…

The buy signal happened when the stock broke above the Supernova Line…

… and it hit my target the very next morning, for a quick Boost to my account…



And my members:

T.W. —Thanks Jeff – just sold JCP for a $900 gain

K.P. — Hi All, joined supernova service yesterday and made $560 on JCP , Thanks Jeff


Natural Shrimp Inc. (SHMP) is another recent training room call out…

SHMP sets up with a stair-step pattern right up to my Supernova Line.

I take the trade as volume ramps up on the break and it pops up for a quick gain…



And my members:

M.E. — Took the money on SHMP. long swing in .17 out .21 for $1,435. (SHMP was a Boost Alert just FYI)

G.B. — Out 1/2 (50K) SHMP at .214 avg. from .1835   + $1,525

M.C. — $1,881 today on SHMP, GHIS, LXRX. We’re awesome Jeff!!!!!!


Trading penny pops has worked for years… the proof is in my small account challenge… I continue to bank triple-digit returns time and time again

In fact, my most recent small account which I started with $3,000 is now at $20,728 a whopping 591% return in just around 3 months!



And I am sharing everything I have learned… all the knowledge and skills that took me from being a high school teacher to a multi-millionaire… 

… and being a former teacher… my members benefit from my ability to turn complicated matters into something easy to understand… I could get an 8th grader to understand my systems…

It’s not hard… and the returns are huge…

If you have never seen a triple-digit return, they are out there…


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