We are all guilty of it. That crash Keto diet that got you swimsuit season fit. It felt great for a week… until you fell off the wagon and gained it back in a day…

So what happened?

You had a goal… you accomplished your goal… everything should be good, right?

But it’s not good… what gives?

While you did reach your goal, you didn’t take the proper steps to make sure the goal was not only attainable, but also sustainable.

None of your habits were taken into account leading to your relapse back to where you started.

When it comes to productivity, there are generally two types of orientation… goal orientation and process orientation…

Find out if you are more goal-oriented or process-oriented, how this can affect your trading, and the steps you can take to be on top of your game.


Process Orientation vs. Goal Orientation


Being goal oriented is basic and organic in nature… you’re driven by your desire to achieve the goal. It’s that simple.

We were born with an innate drive towards our goals… or simply put, a drive towards the things we want.

In fact, we had goals before we even knew what they were.

As a baby, when we were hungry, we cried until someone feed us- Goal met.

And when we were tired we cried until someone put us down for a nap- Goal met.

There was nothing beyond that driving force to have our desires met. We wanted something so we did what we needed to get it…

This same drive still applies when we set goals to this day…

  • Find a new job
  • Lose 15 lbs
  • Trip to Hawaii

These goals can be easily accomplished.. that is if you are only looking at the end result.

  • Find a new job- Quit your current job and work anywhere
  • Lose 15 lbs- Go on crash diet
  • Trip to Hawaii- Put it on a credit card

There you go, you
met your goals.

So why aren’t you happy?

Because as easy as it was to reach those goals… it’s just as easy for things to unravel.

For example: What if you got that new job you wanted, but end up hating it because you were only focused on the goal to get a new job, not on the details of what you really want in a job…

While you did accomplished your goal… you ended up in the exact same boat you were in before.

Maybe next time you should spend some time figuring out why exactly you want a new job in the first place… and then let that shape the way of accomplishing that goal.

Or in the case of losing 15 lbs… from a goal oriented perspective, all you focused on was losing the pounds… so how it might affect things other than losing the weight gets overlooked…

… and what comes next? you guessed it… the weight is right back on just as fast as you lost it…

The goal was losing 15 lbs… but the means didn’t matter…

However, from a process-oriented perspective, you would have researched diets and figured out which one will work best for you, not only to lose weight, but to keep it off… and simply what is the best way/ process to make it happen…

Lifestyle and habit changes, learning cues and rewards etc. Focusing not only on the goal, but on the best way to get to it.

And what about that awesome trip to Hawaii… while it was fun at the time, now you are paying for it and the stress from the debt is way heavier than the amount of joy from the trip itself.

Listen, if you want to be productive and successful… goals are one of the most important things in life.

That is not an understatement.

If you want to be successful, you will be setting goals regularly.

The goal is not the problem… it’s the way you go about accomplishing it.

A goal-oriented person only sees the outcome… the goal is either reached or it isn’t.

When you do this, you are blinded by the desire to reach your goal and you can miss opportunities to find things that not only make the goal achievable but also set you up for success in the long run…

It’s only natural to fall in love with the rush of endorphins from the “win” of accomplishing a goal.

However, the way you get to the goal is just as important as simply achieving it.

By focusing on the process, you will be finding the best possible way to reach your goal…

Whether that means changing habits, lifestyle, or just banging it out simply depends on what the goal is…

Goals are a crucial part of the successful trader’s life. But there is no way you can just achieve goals in trading by sheer force…

Without a plan, system, rountines, and discipline… sooner or later you will crash and burn sooner or later.

So as important as having trading goals is… the process is just as important.

For a system that works…


Petra Hess

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