Right now, out of the thousands of tradable stocks that are falling along with SPY and QQQ, somewhere there are multiple stocks that are squeezing higher without you.

Don’t feel bad if you do not have the resources needed to constantly monitor the huge universe of stocks for the ones with the greatest “squeeze” potential…you’re not alone!

That’s where I come in!

^^That’s me with my oldest at middle school orientation, by the way.^^ 

And what you see below is just a sample of the best squeeze ideas that my custom-built LottoX Squeeze Scanner might be delivered to members of my LottoX service on any given trading day. 

And the best part is that this powerful scanner is included with my increasingly popular service that can find monster movers like these…

which we call 0-DTE (zero days to expiration trades) trades.

It’s all part of my LottoX service, where alerts are delivered LIVE and via email & app.

Friends, if you’re sick of getting BAD advice from guys like this…

…whose only interests are ratings and his corporate friends, I welcome you to come take advantage of the latest ideas I’m delivering to my community of members right now with this limited time, discounted, 30-day RISK-FREE trial offer

Ben Sturgill

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