I (Jeff Bishop) was swamped with emails on Friday.

As you know, Friday was a rough day for the market. All major indices closed at the lows of the day — the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Russell were down 1.8%, 2.0% and 3.6%, respectively.

But my members weren’t emailing me about the carnage on Wall St. Instead, they were asking how I knew to sell my long positions the day before the market crashed.

Here’s what I told my Weekly Money Multiplier members on Thursday:

I have been in the RACE and ROKU calls for about a week now and I think it is time to ring the register on some profits.

I just sold all the RACE calls @ $4.41 for a 22% profit. That is about $4000 in my pocket on that one.  Not as much as I hoped for, but I won’t complain here. It just isn’t moving like I hoped for.

I also sold half of the ROKU calls for just over 100% profit, or $15,000 profit overall so far.

That has made the exact move I hoped for with a 10% stock price move since I entered the trade a week ago, and that led to over 100% in the calls.

Well, I plan to reveal how I knew when to take profits and a whole lot more this Tuesday, March 26 at 8 p.m. ET. I’ll be interviewed by Rish Regan, Fox Business Host and author.

In the interview, I also plan to walk-through seven, real-money trades so you can better understand my strategy. Plus, I’m going to reveal my favorite trade right now, which I expect to deliver at least 100%. I’m also giving away a bunch of freebies, just for attending.

Make sure to register now if you want to be a part of this event.

What’s Happening Now

Earlier this week I announced that Nathan Bear is joining my Weekly Money Multiplierservice to help provide even more trading ideas and live training to members.

I’m excited about this, and so should my current subscribers. He is arguably one of the greatest option traders you will ever meet. He is smart, disciplined, experienced and consistently profitable.

For example, here’s a screenshot of his portfolio from late last week. These are all trades he found and executed live in the Millionaire Roadmap room.

Although he’s already closed most of these positions, he was up 251% and 169% on AMZN… 157% and 65% on NFLX and 46% on SWKS. Most of these positions were only open a few days.

I know of maybe three other traders like him in the world, and no one else is willing to teach how they do what they do the way he does.

To kick things off, Nathan is hosting a special intro session LIVE on Wednesday night at 8 p.m ET for current Weekly Money Multiplier subscribers.

If you’re not a subscriber, now is the time to join. You’ll still get all my trades and now also have access to Nathan Bear. This is a huge deal, and I hope to see everyone there on Wednesday.

Like Nathan Bear, Jason spends a lot of his time streaming his trades and coaching in the Millionaire Roadmap room.

And on Friday, he did the seemingly impossible — identifying two big winners while the market was tanking.

That’s Jason alerting traders in the Millionaire Roadmap room to SEEL. Not only did that turn out to be a great trade… but the stock was one of the biggest winners on all of Wall St. And Millionaire Roadmap members took advantage:

Want to know how Jason did it? Here’s a one minute video by Jason explaining how he found the trade.

Jason also alerted members to JAGX, which was $ for members:

Congratulations to everyone in Millionaire Roadmap on the great week!

From the Community

The goal at RagingBull is to help YOU become a better trader. It’s why we focus as much on finding trade ideas as we do on coaching you to become a better trader.

So nothing makes me happier than getting emails like these. This one is from a Black Optics member:

Hi Kyle

Thought of writing you a thank you note for the education, support, and learning I had since I joined your service…. This is the screenshot of my profile the day I joined (Dec 13th), I was at the bottom of the portfolio after a series of hits and misses and portfolio hitting bottom. image.png

This one is the screenshot of this morning (March 22nd). Not only out of trough but also more confident and making much more sense of market and strategies. Still, a long way to go but getting out of the ditch was first to step accomplished today. Thank you, Peter and Justin, for answering all the annoying questions and supporting all the way.

Success stories like this is why we do what we do. And I love sharing them with the entireRagingBull community because sometimes all you need in order to take the next step in becoming a better trader is a little encouragement and inspiration from other traders like you.

If you’re ready to take the next step and join Kyle Dennis in Black Opticsyou can do so here.

— Jeff Bishop & Jason Bond

Author: RagingBull

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