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What’s Happening Now

One of the best feelings you can have as a trader is to wake up to a position being up big before the market even opens.

It’s “a nice pre-market gift,” as Millionaire Roadmap member howard dai put it.

howard dai: Flat APRN from .97 to 1.12 – nice pre-market gift for 18%

The stock in question was Blue Apron (APRN) — a horrible company, but a predictable stock. Last Thursday, I told members it was time to add APRN between $.94 – $.97 and to look to take half off at around $1.05 and let half ride to $1.20.

I suspected a catalyst (some good news) would trigger a move higher. But I warned members that the key to hitting a catalyst play is patience — as nobody can predict news — though I’m pretty good at sniffing out the cycles these companies go through.

greg bro: Almost cleared APRN out pre close last night cuz I was bored. Sold it after market for +18% gain. Glad I waited!!

We got the news we were waiting for yesterday afternoon. APRN appointed a new CEO (a former Etsy COO) and issued strong guidance.

And BOOM, it was CHEDDAR time! Shares jumped to $1.20 in pre-market trading.

A ton of guys and gals in the Millionaire Roadmap room were in for the ride:

howard dai: Flat APRN from .97 to 1.12 – nice pre-market gift for 18%
joseph ang: Sold APRN +$630 at 1.12 After Hours
charles cha: I hit on APRN in at .93, out at 1.12 last night just before dinner
gabriel lut: APRN took half position out last night @1.12 from 93c other half riding
jefry mer: sold APRN at 1.16 thanks JB!!!
brian bak: Finally a winner Sold APRN at 1.11 +750 after hours. Thanks JB
aaron hil: out 1/2 APRN +18% from yesterday
so nga: holding APRN…today is payday!! YAY thanks JB!!
charles cha: yessir hit for approx $330 on that APRN Swing. in at .93, and out at 1.12
greg bro: Almost cleared APRN out pre close last night cuz I was bored. Sold it after market for +18% gain. Glad I waited!!
priyanka mat: 15% on APRN

Congratulations to everyone! If you want access to the awesome Millionaire Roadmap community, plus real-time trade alerts and live training, you can join here.

Education Corner: Biotech Edition

Kyle Dennis just recorded a step-by-step video on how he finds biotech stocks with strong catalyst.

He made most of his money — $6 million in 6 years — trading these exact kind of stocks. It’s pretty easy to do, you just need someone like Kyle to show you the ropes. Watch the video here. He’ll show you which stocks he likes right now and how he found them.

And if you want even more free education from Kyle, or are interested in getting his trade alerts, check out this training session. This video might be coming down soon, however, so make sure you watch it soon.

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