Dear Insider,

You know me (Jason Bond) as a millionaire trader that teaches folks how to make money from penny stocks.

But starting July 11, I’ll also be teaching YOU how to trade options! And I think this is going to be BETTER than anything I’ve ever done with stocks.

I’m rolling everything I know about trading small caps into the options market.

But my new strategy will give you a higher probability of success, bigger returns, and more trades directly from ME.

There’s a ton I want to tell you about this strategy, so I’m having a live training on Thursday, July 11.

I’ll show you exactly how to collect weekly windfalls for yourself IF you register here now to attend.

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend, and here’s some invaluable educational lesson, trades or deals you may have missed this week.

Sub-penny stocks: the Do’s and Don’ts

Jeff Bishop & Jason Bond


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