JASON BOND is the Co-Founder and Head Trading Coach at, where ordinary investors learn proven trading techniques from real-money trades, all in a hands-on format. RagingBull is a multi-million dollar company that employs 60+ people “remotely” across the U.S. who collaborate in small, agile project teams. RagingBull experienced a 465% growth over the last 3 years, recently entering the 2019 Inc. 5000 Guide ranked just 2 places by growth behind Uber. RagingBull is now the largest, fastest-growing company in New Hampshire.

Jason is a self-taught trader who mastered the skill of trading while he was a full-time PE teacher. He was able to climb his way out of $250,000 of debt through smart money saving, taking a variety of jobs, (including collecting cans!) all while improving himself as a trader. Jason is now a multi-millionaire, has neither debt nor any credit cards, and pays for everything in cash.

Jason is a teacher and passionate coach who has a rare knack in helping others to succeed. He has already coached thousands of individual traders of all experience levels in practical ways to profit in the stock market.

Jason is happily married and he, his wife, and their son live in New Hampshire.

In the media:

Jason can discuss:

Personal Finance: Trading, protecting your money, and getting and staying out of debt and living debt free.

PERSONAL COACHING: Jason uses his passion and skill as a teacher every day to coach regular people to become better traders and savvier investors.

RUNNING A VIRTUAL COMPANY: Building, running, and pushing marketing ideas ahead in a remote company.

BEING DRIVEN, SUCCESSFUL, AND HAPPY: Jason lifted himself out of $250,000 of debt and built a debt free future while following his dreams.

CHARITY, PHILANTHROPY: The importance of giving and how The RagingBull Foundation pledged to give back $1 million in 2019.
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Swing for the Fences: From Debt to Wealth in 7 Steps

It took more than careful study, sharp instincts, and decisive actions for Jason to master the Wall Street game. In Swing for the Fences, he provides the tools and inspiration that will enable you to triumph in any big-risk-big-returns endeavor. Jason’s proven techniques will help you change your mindset, multiply your wins, and position yourself for success.

If you refuse to accept the status quo but instead go all in, the good life you’ve always dreamed about can be yours. It won’t be easy, but the rewards will be tremendous.


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Giving Back

RagingBull pays it forward with their trading profits to various charities through the RagingBull Foundation.

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