Exclusive Materclass with Kyle Dennis and Keith Kern

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Sunday, October 29th

Kyle Dennis and Keith Kern are two successful traders with over 25 years of combined experience. These two instructors have made millions of dollars over their careers and know what it takes to be successful. Whether you are brand new to trading or looking to increase your bottom line, this course is designed to teach you to make money in the markets. You will learn proprietary trade strategies and scanning techniques that Keith and Kyle have developed over their careers.

Course Highlights

Here are a few of the topics covered in the class:

  • » Stock Analysis
  • » Charting
  • » Chart Patterns
  • » Trading Rules
  • » Market Fundamentals
  • » 5 Top Swing Trading Strategies
  • » 4 Top Day Trading Strategies
  • » Options Trading
  • » Utilizing Level 2
  • » Risk Management
  • » Top Trader Resources

…and much more!

Over 200 pages of Trading Wisdom

Course Features

The masterclass is designed to teach you everything you need to know to profit consistently in today’s markets.

12 Live Classes (This course contains live training via webinars)

Sessions held on Sunday, Tues, & Thurs nights (at 9 EST for 4 weeks)

200 Page Coursebook

Lifetime Access to Course Playback

Want to see the Course Outline?

Meet the Experts

Kyle Dennis

Founder of Biotech Breakouts

At just 26 years old Kyle has already earned millions from trading biotech stocks alone. His unique background in biotechnology, finance, and technical charting, gives him special insight into the biotech sector, which he uses to win a significant amount of highly profitable trades.

Kyle’s mission is to teach investors and stock traders like yourself how to discover, track and evaluate today’s hottest biotech companies on your own, so you can start trading your own stocks for exceptional profits. In the last few years, Kyle has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, The Street, Seeking Alpha and The Money Show to tell his remarkable story.

Keith Kern

Co-Founder, Lightning Alerts

Keith Kern has been a full-time trader for 15 years and has earned millions of dollars trading stocks. After serving several years at Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones as a broker, Keith decided to go out on his own and took the leap into full-time trading. After spending many years backtesting strategies, Keith developed a systematic approach to trading that reduces risk and increases the probability of turning a profit in the markets. This unique style has allowed him to profit consistently year to year and given him an edge in the markets.

In 2017, Keith partnered with Kyle and Biotech Breakouts and together they developed the Lightning Alerts Chat Room and MasterClass. Keith’s goal for the MasterClass is to help others shorten their learning curve in the market and start earning profits.

Here’s what Keith & Kyle’s members say:


“Will buy back on a dip, but $CYTX +5.5% and $VKTX +6% thanks @kylewdennis Less than a week hold on both.”

MT Risner

“@kylewdennis @KeithKernBTB 5k $LUNA In at 1.54, out at 1.63 +$450 Took my family hiking. Your teaching me how to change my life! Thank you!!”


“Up 1,600 so far, small wins on $CBLI and $NADL, sold some $INFI for 1,300 so far from @kylewdennis watchlist. I’m off to the boat!”


“A quick +$355 for me on $AGEN this AM. Great call by @kylewdennis and @stt2318 and #LightningAlerts @RagingBull”

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