There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the marijuana industry right now, as investors look to capitalize on the legalization drive sweeping the continent. The Canadian government recently announced that recreational marijuana will become legal by July 1, 2018,[1] creating a fresh wave of euphoria in the investor community.

As a still nascent industry, marijuana investments may be years away from achieving their peak. This is especially true for the following companies, which seem to have flown under the radar in recent months. Combined with their unique offerings and strong long-term prospects, these marijuana investments could be primed for big gains in the not-too-distant future. Check out these under the radar stocks for some distinctive opportunities to invest in the future of marijuana.

Canabo Medical (CAMDF)

Active investors monitoring Canada’s marijuana industry may not be familiar with Canabo Medical, a superchain clinic that specializes in assessing prescription-based cannabis treatments. From Toronto to Edmonton, the company operates ten clinics across Canada. Analysts say the business is booming, as Canabo carves out a strong niche in an industry that offers huge potential.

The company’s biggest value-offering might not be its clinical services, but the way it collects and handles patient information. Co-owner Dr. Danial Schector spends a minimum of 50 minutes with each new patient to better understand their entire medical history, giving him unique insights into consumption trends and behavior. Analysts say this information can lead to a Big Data goldmine for the clinic.[2] When it comes to marketing, data is a huge revenue generator.

Canabo was last seen trading at around 50 cents a share. This is one of the marijuana stocks you’ll want to keep an eye on in the future.

Vinergy Resources (VNNYF)

Vinergy wasn’t a player in the marijuana space until December, when it announced the acquisition of MJ Biopharma, a private cannabis technology company that has received high praise from industry enthusiasts. Vinergy says the acquisition is a major milestone in establishing itself as a leader in the global marijuana industry.

The British Columbia-based MJ Biopharma has been a leading developer of plants and plant genetics for more than two decades. In 2016, the company shipped more than 35 million plant products globally, with a growing focus on licensing products for the medical and recreational cannabis markets.[3] The acquisition gives Vinergy access to over 2,000 hemp and cannabis strains, putting it in prime position to capitalize on legalization.[4]

At the time of writing, Vinergy’s share price was worth less than 40 cents. Investing in marijuana stocks like this now could yield the potential for big gains in the future. Under the radar stocks like these give you the chance to get your hand in on fresh products and new cannabis strains.

Medicine Man Technologies Inc. (MDCL)

It’s not difficult to see why Medicine Man Technologies flew under the cannabis radar for so long. With all the attention being paid to marijuana growers and pharmaceuticals, Medicine Man quietly carved out a niche in the cannabis consulting industry. The Denver-based company offers holistic cannabis consulting services to an industry in desperate need of direction amid the recent fuss on Capitol Hill over a federal ban on legal marijuana.

The will-they, won’t-they deregulation debate is fueling widespread confusion about the future of U.S. legalization. This puts Medicine Man in a unique position to solve complex industry challenges. As of January 1, the company had 25 licensed clients across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and is seeking new partners in the medical and recreational sectors.

Medicine Man’s stock joined in on the legalization euphoria last November, but has since fallen off investors’ watch list. It was last seen trading around $1.75 a share. Investing in this company may be wise, as its consulting services can provide a broad range of benefits for both medicinal and recreational users.

The marijuana industry is much deeper than your typical grow-op or drugmaker. The hype surrounding legalization is spurring new business models across the continent, offering investors more opportunities to obtain their share of the market. Be sure to check out the OTC Markets for other marijuana investments flying under the radar.

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Nate Stavseth

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