November is in the books, and I’m psyched for December.

While I will miss November’s Market Navigator trades of the day…

You know I’m giving December a turbocharge with a brand new trade of the day.

While today’s economic calendar is light…

It’s right in line with what I want to see today.

Because if you’ve been following along…

You know markets have been having a hissy fit this week.

But make no mistake about it…

Volatility is every trader’s best friend.

Without volatility, fast-paced moves in both directions wouldn’t happen.

Without volatility, every day in the market could be ‘just another day.’

But with volatility in play, the trade of the day becomes even more exciting.

I’ve isolated one critical level I’ll be using to identify today’s specific trade of the day (that I will alert to Market Navigator members at 9 am ET).

Through the midst of compelling market conditions, I’ve studied today’s chart of the day in detail this morning.

SPY’s daily chart draws me straight to the current resistance level of the 21 EMA (exponential moving average).

SPY Daily Chart

I don’t go long (buy SPY Calls) into resistance. It’s like driving with the brakes on.

Therefore, as long as SPY trades up against 21 EMA resistance, I’ll be interested in trading SPY to the downside.


Think simple,

Davis Martin


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What do you enjoy most?

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Think about it for a moment…

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Davis Martin


  1. Hi Dave, I am here since quite a long time (already in your previous phase, then with Ben Sturgill and now again with you). What I really miss are your daily results for a whole month which you at that time sent out from time to time – mostly awesome to watch, like a calendar of mainly green, mostly 2, sometimes even 3 digits daily green %-numbers.
    My impression nowadays (could be wrong): your current daily gains are much smaller, mostly 10 or 20% max. , because you regularly get out at such levels, may be to conserve the win you made and don’t risk anything further on.
    As I said, could be wrong, anyway thx for your response.

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