Today’s economic calendar is beautiful. I’ve outlined details in today’s edition of SPY Daily.

It looks just the way I want it to ahead of a weekend with Market Navigator members.

With markets pulling back through the week, I expect today to be the best trading day of the week.

I’ve always had mixed opinions about a low-impact economic calendar, which we are seeing today.

I see it as a “pros and cons” situation.

The cons, catalyst-driven moves in markets are less likely to come into play.

The pros are that technical analysis matters most when catalysts are low-impact, and I love trading and teaching from a purely technical perspective.

For example, on November 10 (two days ago), I mentioned that I’d like to trade SPY to the downside as long as it remained below the previous day’s closing price.

I planned my trade from a technical perspective, and I traded my plan with Market Navigator members.

SPY 5-Minute Chart (From November 10, 2021)

I’ve been doing this for five years and counting. So I don’t take lightly to attention to detail. 

Now, let’s put some technical analysis around today’s Market Navigator trade of the day.

Today’s chart of the day is a SPY 60-minute chart. As shown by SPY’s volume profile, an indicator I use in the premarket, SPY is trading just above a volume-weighted support level of 464.50.

SPY 60-Minute Chart

As a trader, I don’t short (buy puts) into support. Equally as important, I don’t go long (buy calls) into resistance.

Actual trades of the day, entries, and exits (in real-time) are for Market Navigator members, but as long as SPY holds 464.50 support this morning, I’ll be interested in trading SPY to the upside.


Think simple,

Davis Martin


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Davis Martin

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