Here we are. The first Friday of the month.

That means ALL eyes are on this morning’s jobs report.

Yes, jobs reports can move markets.

But I won’t let it concern me.

Cause Market Navigator trades of the day STILL thrive when markets cry.

Now, I’m going to walk you through how I streamline jobs reports (and more)!

Remember my 3 / 8 EMA crossover lesson?

I hope you do! That’s key today.

But if you don’t, I’ll include the link in this edition of SPY Daily!

Truth is, I could care less if the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) goes up or down.

I’ve been teaching and trading SPY trades of the day for years, and I’m STILL here today getting ahead of everyone else.

Cause I navigate green and red markets with clarity.

I keep it simple.

I mean, isn’t that what you want?

I’ve found that to be true, so it’s the approach I take time and time again.

Member satisfaction is how running a well-received business works, and that’s what I do.

Here’s how I’ll continue to do that today:

Let’s say this morning’s jobs report causes a nosedive in markets…

Meaning the Market Navigator trade of the day could be SPY Puts…

Ok, well, I’ll look for a 3 / 8 EMA crossover to the downside to buy SPY Puts.

If it works, it will look like this:

spy chart

That’d mean a chance to make money in RED markets, something most people think is impossible.

But you know, I think people underestimate the power of coming back to ONE STRATEGY time and time again.

Green markets, red markets… All I want is ONE trade on ONE stock at ONE time!

That’s the Market Navigator trade of the day.

Now, if this morning’s jobs report sends markets skyrocketing, guess what I’ll do?

friends gif

You guessed it.

I’ll look for a 3 / 8 EMA crossover to the upside to buy SPY Calls.

And if it works, it will look like this:


Meaning the chance to Make Money in green markets.

Point is Market Navigator trades of the day are tradable in green and red markets.

I teach and trade ONE trade with ONE pattern through green and red markets.

friends gif

Throw in daily Trades of The Day and Live Access to me…and that right there is worth WAY MORE than your investment in an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP.

About the jobs report…

It’s the highlight of the “April Fools Economic Calendar.”


Numbers will be released at 8:30 am ET, and Market Navigator members will have a complete hour to digest the market’s potential reaction.

That’s ample time to create a high-conviction trading plan around yet another high-conviction trade of the day.

Part of that process is studying today’s chart of the day.

spy chart

SPY Daily Chart

SPY is holding the 100 SMA (yellow line), making it a short-term support level. 

I’m an optimist; I’d love to see SPY rally to recent highs around 460…

But if it doesn’t, 200 SMA support at 448 is an area I’ll be keeping an eye on for a short-term low.

And that’s what I’ve got today.

Now, I’m off to hit the TRADE OF THE DAY printing press in the Market Navigator LIVE TRADING room.

P.S. 3 / 8 EMA crossover.

P.P.S. Hop in here and start “trade of the day-ing” with us!

Davis Martin

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