I want to teach you my #1 Trade of The Day pattern.

You want to learn this for two reasons.

  • You’ll learn a new pattern you can add to your arsenal
  • You’ll see how and why I enter and exit Market Navigator trades of the day time and time again

Trades of the day aren’t about picking ideas out of a hat.

Trades of the day are backed by high-conviction, well-tested trading plans.

You can consider the fact that trades of the day are built around the world’s #1 fund in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) a lucrative bonus!

Without any further adieu…

It’s time I teach you my #1 Trade of The Day Pattern:

3 / 8 EMA Crossover.

Write that down.

Now let’s break it down.

EMA = Exponential Moving Average.

These are similar to simple moving averages, yet more weighted to recent price action.

And given Market Navigator trades of the day happen every trading day, I like recent price action!

Now, the 3 / 8 component…

I get it. There are a million “magical” techniques out there – maybe this is “just another act of pure luck” to you.

But I beg to differ.

This is ten years of experience, relentless testing, trial & error, and real money trading talking.

The 3 EMA (white line below) is a short-term indicator.

The 8 EMA (yellow line below) is longer-term.

When the 3 EMA crosses above the 8 EMA, I want to consider buying SPY Calls as the Market Navigator trade of the day…

…meaning I’m looking for a move to the upside.

Inversely, when the 3 EMA crossover below the 8 EMA, I want to consider buying SPY Puts as the Market Navigator trade of the day…

…meaning I’m looking for a move to the downside (yes, trades of the day are tradeable in green and red markets).

Allow me to be fully transparent… Trading is not as easy as one line crossing another, leading to triple-digit winners flying around.

BUT a well-tested pattern that I trust is certainly helpful!

I mean, I spend hours identifying each trade of the day.

And I’m making trades of the day. 

You think I want to lose money?

And I’m teaching THOUSANDS of Market Navigator members my real money trades of the day (yes, they come with that much demand).

You think I want members to lose money?


I wouldn’t be in the business if I did.

At the end of the day, if I don’t think trades of the day will make money, I wouldn’t share them with anyone.

One Trade

One Stock

One Time

Market Navigator trades of the day are that straightforward.

As we near today’s opening bell, I have a couple of thoughts lined up.First, today’s economic calendar is low-impact.

But – second – there is a takeaway when analyzing today’s chart of the day.

SPY Daily Chart

After a nice green stretch, SPY is taking an expected breather this morning.

When SPY gets moving again, there are two levels to watch.

SPY has resistance at 440, near its 50 SMA.

And SPY has support at 430, near its 20 SMA.

With SPY trading at 436 – in my seasoned opinion – these are clean and clear support and resistance levels to watch through the days ahead.

Before you call it a day and peace out for the weekend…I want you to re-read the section above (the one about “not losing money”).

Because I mean it, 110%.

I’m dedicated to the development of members, and I have been for years.

So, think about all of that.

And I hope to send you Market Navigator member-only trades of the day soon.

Think simple,

Davis Martin

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