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Ambitious from the start, Jeff learned a thing or two early as the owner of his very first business. Pushing a lawnmower while braving the scorching Texas heat, the young entrepreneur made a name for himself in the community.

One impressed client took Jeff under his wing by truly giving him a taste of the good life. Sitting in Dallas’ first steakhouse, it became clear that a strong work ethic is the key to true happiness.

Years later, Jeff found himself struggling to pay the bills. Used cars, bagels, mortgages… he and his new wife tried everything to put themselves through school. As the couple continued to scrape by, a few option courses revealed a world of new investment opportunities.

Using lessons from the classroom on the market, however, proved difficult. A seemingly endless series of shortfalls presented huge obstacles for this aspiring investor. Determined in the face of adversity, Jeff began tweaking his trading style to adapt to a volatile market.

Things finally began to click after five long years of developing a solid trading strategy. It was going so well that the pair went for lobster each week they surpassed $10,000. Surprisingly, they grew tired of eating the once coveted crustacean.

Despite a surging bank account, the couple lived modestly as their prosperity grew. Driving a minivan with a one-year-old son in tow, Jeff began enjoying more time outside the office. He naturally gravitated towards the poker table to learn the subtleties of a game paralleling the markets.

An understanding of how to calculate odds, play aggressively, or walk away came with every hand. Much to the dismay of his wife, Jeff dropped $250,000 on an RV. He remains a full-time trader while raising two sons.

Fancy degrees don’t create profitable trades, they’re evolved through real-life experiences. Jeff Bishop is living proof that the most educated people are not necessarily the most successful.

Each day is an adventure as his family generates income from the road. Following techniques developed through his struggles, Jeff is now teaching others how to live life on their own terms. Following his method, gains are a reality for anyone ready to learn!

Helping others succeed, Jeff’s Option Profit Accelerator can take any investment to the next level using lessons learned over a decade. Live results continue to drive profit for people around the world. Options are complicated, his strategy is simple no matter who you are!

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