Editor’s Note: This letter is dated December 29, 2029, a few days before we sang in the Next Decade, and the Tequila headache would subside. How it would land on my desk should be a subject on the next season of Unsolved Mysteries.


Hello, Jeff. I just want to say that it will be quite a decade. 

I’m writing to you with slightly grayer hair, but the same passion for long-term investing.

It’s hard to believe that a little more than nine years after the COVID outbreak, we would see a dramatic economic comeback across the United States. 

I wouldn’t know it at the time, but you would tap into a ground-breaking trend. 

You would be among the first to invest in a very simple technology company that could help propel the United States into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

You would go on to own your own Tequila company, and you’d look at more houses in New Hampshire and Texas. 

But I just want to walk you through the incredible advancements that you projected that would take place over the 10 years in front of you. 

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll probably take a moment to reread your report on the #1 Tech Stock that would be at the heart of America’s Trillion-Dollar Revival. 

It hit the nail right on the head, and it could create one of the top profit opportunities of the decade.


What Were We Thinking?


Back in August 2020, most people would be too busy yelling at each other on Twitter about the upcoming election. 

At the time, people were dramatically overlooking the fact that China’s manufacturing dominance had made the COVID situation worse. 

American companies produced virtually all of our Tylenol ingredients abroad. Do you remember the medical mask shortage? 

That was because of outsourcing to countries like China. Between 2004 and 2006 alone, the U.S. had gone from producing 90% of its own needs for protective masks to 10% after 3M and other producers moved to China and Mexico. 

Those numbers came from the CEO of Prestige Ameritech, the company that produced the most masks in the U.S. back in 2020. 

We even outsourced nearly all of our antibiotics production for decades. 

We made our medical technology, our cell phones, and our furniture in China. 

What didn’t have a “Made in China” tag on it in 2020?

Could you imagine that we would have the potential to move trillions of dollars of our own manufacturing BACK to the United States and give an opportunity to ordinary investors (not Wall Street banks or hedge funds) to get out in front of a $2.3 trillion wave in capital?

I wouldn’t have imagined it, even as I look at this website for hoverboards that are made in the United States.

Before 2021, our strong dollar and our service economy were among the reasons why we ignored these glaring outsourcing problems. We liked cheap gadgets. Americans at the time could give away half the technology in their house and still have more than the average Canadian.

But when the dollar weakened and our service economy was decimated after COVID, we would realize that we might be doing it wrong when it came to our economy. 

Both President Donald Trump and his 2020 opponent Joe Biden supported massive infrastructure spending programs

There was a brewing movement among companies like AT&T, Cisco, Dupont, Ford, Delta, and IBM to move manufacturing home. Campaigns would call for Americans to Buy American – to support American manufacturing and rebuild the economy.

In August 2020, it actually didn’t even matter who would win the presidential election. 

This trend would be unstoppable if we simply followed through with the plan.


Coming Home to America 


By mid 2020, there would be a concerted effort by leaders in Washington to protect four sectors that were critical to the national security, economic security, and health and safety of 335 million people. 

Production WOULD HAVE to be moved back to the United States given the brewing economic Cold War between the United States and China. 

The first two would be medical supplies and pharmaceutical supplies. We had suffered incredible shortages then for masks, antibiotics, rubber gloves, protective equipment, and more equipment like ventilators and other personal protective equipment. 

We would even run low on hospital gowns. 

At the time, we produced roughly 62% of all medical and surgical equipment abroad. But when nations where we produced these products put export controls on them, it became a national security issue. Advocates at the Reshoring Institute helped create the push that got lawmaker and CEO attention, and the move of pharmaceutical production alone would represent $1.3 trillion in GDP potential.

Then, there was the broadband industry. At the time, China was suspected of corporate espionage that threatened the security of American data and the future of the communications industry. 

With 5G expanding across the country, America could not allow a threat to the potential of this technology. We were talking about TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in new value to the economy every year. 

This would be one of the rare opportunities for Mom and Pop investors to make a long-term investment on the telecom and semiconductor companies that moved operations back to the United States. Even if they had missed out on companies like Apple or Amazon in the past, they could now get in ahead of this next generational shift in technology.

Who would have thought that Taiwan Semiconductor would have been a trendsetter in bringing trillions of dollars of opportunity to ordinary investors when they built a $12 billion chip plant in Arizona? 

This shift back to the United States would help unleash the Fourth Industrial Revolution in America. 5G and communications would spur robotics, smart warehouses, artificial intelligence, supply monitoring, last-mile delivery, advanced machinery, and strategic real estate.

Finally, we would bring back an incredible amount of alternative energy production – particularly in the solar and wind energy supply chain. We would not even have to give out subsidies to do it by the middle of the decade. Advancements in alternative energy could eventually make the energy produced cheaper than traditional resources by the end of the decade. 

In the span of 10 years, the United States could rebuild its entire supply chain. 

We would have a chance to tap into a $2.3 trillion wave of capital flushing across the nation, and you would be out in front of it. 


In Conclusion


In the end, Jeff, it would be an incredible story to watch over the decade. 

While everyone had focused on chasing all of these software companies, I would find your approach very different. Instead, you would focus on the fact that someone could make a lot of money on THE PHYSICAL ASSETS required to transform the U.S. economy.

I just want to say that I appreciate the fact that you bought 3,000 shares of the lynchpin that could help bring this incredible new economy together. 

You locked in at an average of $11.60 back in mid-2020, and you had even said that it had 560% upside at the time. I recall you saying this in your report: The #1 Tech Stock at The Heart of America’s Revival. You can see it all, here.

To be honest, I just wish you would have considered buying more of it in the Summer of 2020. 

The idea of owning two tequila factories is better than just one.


Author: Jeff Bishop

One of the best traders anywhere, over the past 20 years Jeff’s made multi-millions trading stocks, ETFs, and options. He is renowned as an incredible trader with a deep insight and a sensitive pulse on the markets and the economy. Jeff Bishop is CEO and Co-Founder of RagingBull.com.

Even greater than his prowess as a trader is his skill and passion in teaching others how to trade and rake in profits while managing risk.

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    1. Hey Randy,

      I’m sorry to hear that you were having some trouble signing up for the Portfolio Manager. I went ahead and sent you an email from my bodonnell@ragingbull.com account. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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