With less than a month away from the election, President Trump’s diagnosis of COVID-19 was the latest shock to the cycle. 

It’s a reminder that this virus is contagious. Trump’s infection is part of a national trend that has seen cases rise in 33 states and Puerto Rico since the end of August. 

I’ve discussed the short-term impact of COVID across a number of publications. 

But at RagingBull Investor, I focus on the long-term. 

Today, I want to show you a top challenge that we face due to COVID-19. While we have discussed cybersecurity, eCommerce, and shifts in consumer demands…

People have largely ignored this top threat to the global population. 

But I’ve identified one simple way to reverse a potential disaster and help investors profit from this technology trend.


Warnings from the Future


I picked up a copy of Newsweek a few days ago when digging into a new trend…

That copy corresponded with World Population Day.

It’s a holiday I hadn’ t heard of. But keep in mind, there’s pretty much a holiday for everything. National Hangover Day is January. 1. It’s also the same day as National Bloody Mary Day.

And do you think I’m making up National Barber Shop Quartet Day on April 11… I’m not.

Anyway, World Population Day centers around family planning and sustainable development. The author cited a study in 1992 on the impact of population growth, density, and distribution of human activity. The expected result: A rise in infectious diseases. As population growth expands, we have increased our interaction with wildlife – which is typically the source of these pathogens.

Think about the last 20 years. Swells in Zika, Lyme, West Nile, H1N1, Mad Cow, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and more are all linked to the expansion of human activity.

And a lot of seasonal illnesses are directly linked to food production, particularly in Central Asia. Regardless of when COVID-19 happens, there are two major issues that we face.

Additional diseases.

And shocks to the food supply chain.

Fixing Food

The global population currently sits at a staggering 7.8 billion.

That figure will increase to about 9.1 billion in the years ahead. That number is what most scientists believe to be where sustainability tops out. At that point, the threat of food shortages, more pandemics, and other global challenges rise substantially.

I believe that the future of food is going to be radically changed. We’re already seeing a substantial shift away from meat production due to the uptick in emissions, the rising cost of feedlots and transportation, and worries about airborne disease in the supply chain.

I am not a person who spends too much time worrying about the problem.

I’m always looking for a solution.

And 99.9999% of the time, that solution involves cutting edge technology that can fix the manmade worry.

That’s how I came across one company that has revolutionized the way that we can grow food. Their technology helps identify the best crops and breeds them to make them stronger, more sustainable, and yield higher amounts of food.

This reduces exposure to disease, helps us develop healthier food, and moves us in a safer direction in our supply chains.

In fact, I’ve put a full report together on this company that you can access, right here.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Jeff Bishop

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