I could brag right now about having six options trades that averaged… AVERAGED… an 89.5% return over the last week.

But let me tell you why I’m a little angry right now.

The Wall Street Journal stole my story. They stole my headline. They are piggybacking.

They wrote an article this week called “Is This the End of College as We Know It?”

If you’ve been reading my insights, you know that this has been my top trend for six weeks.

Oh… and I don’t need a question mark in my headlines, by the way..

I’ve definitely said for two months that we are facing “The End of College as We Know It.”

All the Journal did this week was reinforce what I’ve been saying.

And the one company that I’ve pinpointed on this massive trend in education is already up 14% since I bought it.

I think it has a few hundred percentage points to go.

So, let’s talk about this.

It beats watching 60 Minutes right now.

Bad Journalism, Great Investment

Let me summarize what the Wall Street Journal said this week.

I’ve already done the research, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce what I’ve already been saying.

The article starts with the story of a woman making $94,000 a year.

She owes $300,000 in student loans. She regrets going to college. She isn’t the only one.

Here’s a number to know about how bad the investment is. Here’s a reminder that schools and the government are in bed together. Here’s a reminder of why schools are in decline.

Between 1979 and 2010, enrollment at two- and four-year colleges and universities more than doubled to 18 million. Since then it has fallen by about 2 million as the number of high-school graduates shrinks and the return on investment for graduates flattens.

That two million student drop is nothing more than confirmation of the numbers I’ve discussed.

This year alone, freshman enrollment is off 16% at national universities. At community colleges, the number is down 25%.

But the article takes a turn… And it just proves that there is a lot of money to be made on a massive shift in the future of education.

The College Revival

The college education model is clearly broken. But as the Journal explains – repeating what I’ve been saying for months – students are looking for a better way.

Coding boot camps graduated 30,000 people last year.

Apprenticeships doubled in the last year to 700,000.

Universities are overhauling their education programs to focus more on digital education and to recruit students who can’t live on campus.

And all of the major tech firms – including Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft – are launching new programs for online education programs that will shake up the coming future of education.

Colleges spend almost as much as the U.S. Defense Department each year on student education. I’m talking about more than $600 billion each year.

But NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION to that wall of money.

If only there was a way to invest in the massive shift in U.S. college education.

Oh… that’s right. There is.

Education isn’t going away. It’s going to adapt. The Journal parrots what I’ve been saying about the terrible return on investment that colleges offer today. And it just goes on to talk about the same technologies that I have touted in recent months.

The Wall Street Journal has finally paid attention to this unstoppable trend. It took them forever.

The stock that is going to take the lead in the massive overhaul in U.S. education is already up double digits since I bought it a few weeks ago.

I love this company. But I love the profits a whole lot more.

This is probably your last chance to get on this train. I’m talking about a shift – IN THE U.S. ALONE – of $6.1 trillion in spending over the next decade.

My top pick is how to take advantage of it.

Get my report… now.

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