Jake LaMotta, the former middleweight champion and the focus of the 1980s movie “Raging Bull,” died Wednesday in a Miami nursing home.

While never involved in any way with the RagingBull.com website, there’s no denying that many investors wondered if the site name had a little something to do with LaMotta’s battling, scrapping, always-move-forward style.

Jake LaMotta, who was actually nicknamed the “Bronx Bull” during his fighting days, had a career record of 83-19-4 (with 30 knockouts) as a professional from 1941 to 1954, sometimes fighting as frequently as twice a month. He was known for his ability to take a punch and keep going; though he lost several bouts by technical knockout when the referee stopped the fight. The Bronx Bull only went down in a fight once, in 1952, when he had moved up to light heavyweight and was floored by Danny Nardico.

Still, in an ESPN video from several years ago, LaMotta – named by Ring Magazine in its 75th anniversary issue in 1997 as having “the best boxing chin” — insisted that no one was truly able to hurt him in the ring.

In his autobiography “Raging Bull,” Jake LaMotta detailed his long career, including dealing with fights fixed by the mob — which was turned into a film by Martin Scorcese a decade later, propelling the retired boxer back into the limelight. A second movie about LaMotta called “The Bronx Bull” was released in 2015. Married seven times, LaMotta’s story was even turned into an off-Broadway comedy – which he starred in – called “Lady and the Champ.” He gave up that role in 2012 at the age of 90.

At RagingBull.com, Jake LaMotta is not a part of the heritage or the intended imagery, but because of the movie, his image is unmistakably conjured with the name.

In a 2006 interview, Bill Martin – co-founder of the first website to use the RagingBull.com name — noted that for anyone who has knowledge of the markets, the name represented the website and Wall Street, and not the film.

For the current generation of RagingBull.com – where the site is run by traders and for traders – the Wall Street bullish imagery is behind the name, but the site’s founders recognize that the character of “Raging Bull” Jake LaMotta, a fighter who took the punishment and kept moving forward, who took on all-comers and who won significantly more than he lost is an appropriate metaphor for the site.

“We didn’t pick this site’s name because of Jake LaMotta or the movie about him, but we certainly respect who he was and what he accomplished,” said Jason Bond of JasonBondTraining.com, co-founder of the current RagingBull.com. “A guy who took it on the chin and rolled with the punches, who avoided the big knockout blow, who got up to fight again, and who overcame losses to be a winner and a champion is not a bad role model for traders because what he did in his life is what we have to do, battling and scrapping against the market in order to succeed.”

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