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$3,000 to $4,000 in Weekly Profits: How This Busy Movie Executive is Creating The Life of His Dreams

Brian Forbes

Movie & Television Executive

So why would a super busy, successful TV and movie executive want to become a trader?

Surely not for the money.

And not because he needed to fill some empty hours.

Los Angeles-based Brian Forbes still loves his career, and he’s more than grateful for the many rewards it has brought him.

But after his sixty-first birthday, he began to think more about the lifestyle he truly wanted and started looking for ways to maintain or even increase his income while working fewer late nights at the office or stuck in traffic on overly congested California highways.

Brian was already an experienced investor, but that’s not the same as earning an income from trading.

So although he was well aware of the potential profits to be made, he also knew he needed help to get started, and was delighted to discover that Jason Bond’s Weekly Windfalls met his needs exactly.

“I’ve read a lot of good books over the years on buying and especially selling options,” he says, “but I never really found one to compare with Jason’s Masterclass.”

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61-year-old movie and TV executive, Brian Forbes enjoys a rewarding career in the industry he loves. But as his retirement approaches, he’s been looking for a way to make a second income, travel with his family and focus on other projects of his own.Trading fits the bill perfectly, and he has found that Jason Bond’s approach to profiting from options has resonated strongly with him. In fact, Brian is already making several thousand dollars a week working with Jason and his Weekly Windfalls service.


Los Angeles, California


Movie & Television Executive

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Weekly Windfalls

How To Profit In Any Market By Selling Options

Selling options, as opposed to buying them, is often regarded as an advanced trading technique, best not attempted by beginners.

And it’s true that they’re theoretically risky because the creator of the options contract (the seller) can be compelled to sell or buy the underlying security at a heavy loss if the price moves against them.

The statistics clearly show, though, that around 80% of all options contracts end up worthless – with a loss to the buyer – because the underlying stock doesn’t reach the relevant price before the option expires.

The seller then gets to keep the price of the option contract (premium) without ever having to buy or sell any shares.


“I needed to learn from somebody who has gone through the painful process of wins and losses enough to understand choosing the right strike prices, the optimal spreads, and explain how to minimize potential losses.”

Brian Forbes

Movie & Television Executive

A Proven Way To Build a Great Second Income

Brian, who happily describes himself as a conservative trader and investor, finds that selling options is a strategy well-suited to this mindset.

Profits may not be as spectacular as when buying options, but remember that 80% figure. If you’re happy to focus on hitting regular singles rather than occasional home runs, the odds are very much in your favor.

But as with all kinds of trading, there are essential technical principles combined with rigorous risk management that need to be applied if any consistent success is to be achieved.

And as with any new skill, the assimilation of theoretical knowledge can only take you so far.

By far the surest and fastest way to learn to trade is through real-time practice and live trading under the guidance of a highly skilled and experienced mentor.

“I’ve always been interested in selling for premium,” explains Brian, “but I needed to learn from somebody who has gone through the painful process of wins and losses enough to understand choosing the right strike prices, the optimal spreads, and explain how to minimize potential losses.”


“I have all of Jason Bond’s products and I profit from Jason Bond Picks, Weekly Windfalls, and Monday Movers. I like Weekly Windfalls because he focuses more on selling for premium which is what I like to do most.”

Brian Forbes

Movie & Television Executive

The Quick Path To $3,000 – $4,000 In Weekly Profits

The good news is that with this kind of mentor, the path to consistent profits need not be long or difficult.

On his very first trade with Jason Bond, Brian recorded a $3,500 win on DGLY [Digital Ally Inc.]. And in almost every week since he has made profits of between $3,000 and $4,000.

Although Brian is delighted with these results, which are providing him with an attractive second income, he’s even more thrilled that he’s passing along some of his newly acquired knowledge to his teenage daughters.

“They spend only about 10 minutes a day going over charts and trading from an account I set up for them,” he says, “and now they’re regularly profiting hundreds of dollars a week more than any of their teenage friends who slave away at part-time jobs for a couple of hundred a week.”

As competent and confident traders, Brian believes his girls will be able to pursue the futures of their choice, without having to worry about the financial implications of a low-paying career or crushing college debt.


“My first trade with Jason, I made over $3,500 with DGLY which more than paid for all of his courses and that was just my first week. Almost every week I have brought in between $3,000 and $4,000 in gains, and I consider myself to be a very conservative investor.”

Brian Forbes

Movie & Television Executive

How Brian’s Dream Life Is Fast Becoming a Reality

Although the extra money he’s making is very welcome, it’s the idea of trading his way towards personal freedom that’s far more important to Brian.

“I can trade anywhere in the world as long as I have WIFI,” he says with a smile, “I can be in Santa Monica or Malibu next to the beach, and scan and select charts and trades, or I can sit in a cabin in the mountains when I go skiing or even fishing in Scotland.”

Now, for many people, that may sound like a fantasy lifestyle, but for Brian, it’s fast becoming his new reality.

Of course, Brian’s dreams may not be yours.

You may not want to sell options or to trade them at all, but no matter where you are in life right now, whatever your financial and personal goals may be, there’s undoubtedly a method and a style of trading that can help you achieve them faster than you ever thought possible.

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