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How This Ordinary Guy is Taking Careful Steps To Secure His Family’s Financial Future

Christian B.

Part-time Trader

A recent report by McKinsey & Company estimates that over 800 million jobs worldwide are being threatened by the growth of AI and automation. 

The report also states that developed economies like the United States and Germany are likely to be hit hardest by these coming changes. Why? Well because higher average wages tend to incentivize automation.

According to the study, as many as 25% of American jobs could be at risk in the coming years.

With every passing day, more and more working adults are becoming worried about the future of their jobs. It seems that we’re entering an age where the concept of “job security” is fast becoming a relic of the past.

Because of significant changes in his industry, Christian B. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, knows he could easily be laid off at any time, especially as he nears retirement age.

In fact, Christian didn’t even want us to share his full identity because he fears that anything written about him could put his job at risk. The good news is; he’s taking decisive steps to develop a new skill set that can help him protect his family’s financial well-being, now, and in the years to come.

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Christian B is, in his own words, “just a regular guy” worried about layoffs in his industry. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although he’s been dabbling in trading for years, he became more dedicated because he sees retirement on the horizon.


Tulsa, Oklahoma


Part-time Trader

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Why Creating Multiple Streams of Income is Essential

Living in constant fear for his family’s financial future wasn’t the reason Christian chose his current career. It took years to develop his job skills and become proficient at what he does, but with today’s ever-changing career landscape, he knows that may not be enough to keep his job safe.

Christian is also aware that his retirement years are approaching, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a job that can reward him with the same status and financial rewards he currently enjoys.

Older Americans, especially those ages 65 and older, are now working more than at any time since the turn of the century. Working seniors are also spending more time on the job than their peers did in previous years, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of employment data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The numbers show that mature adults are working longer, for fewer benefits, and with less seniority overall. That’s why, now, more than ever, developing sources of supplemental income is becoming a necessity.

“I’m a typical guy in a job where they can lay me off any day, and I needed to find a way to be able to support myself and my family, in case anything happens.”

Christian B.

Part-time Trader

Gaining a New and Lucrative Skill

Fortunately, Christian sees stock trading as an opportunity to gain a new and lucrative skill that will help him overcome financial challenges he may experience at some point.

For many years, he dabbled in trading with limited success. But after trying Kyle Dennis’ free stock pick and having some success in a relatively short time, Christian decided Option Rocket was the best choice for him.  

Being that he had a full-time job and couldn’t make 5-figure trades, Christian needed to get results using small amounts of capital in the hundreds of dollars, and Option Rocket helped him do just that.

Trading on his own for a few years, with inconsistent results, Christian immediately recognized the value of Option Rocket’s paint-by-the-numbers approach.  

“I’ve been a fan of Kyle Dennis for some time now. His words and actions suggest he is a person of values and integrity. So when the Option Rocket Webinar happened, I listened in. His service is exactly for people like me.“

What immediately struck Christian was Kyle’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach to trading.  He also found that Kyle provided significant value in advance with his free picks before asking you to join his service. For Christian, this was a no-brainer.

“I’ve been a fan of Kyle Dennis for some time now. His words and actions suggest he is a person of values and integrity. So when the Option Rocket Webinar happened, I listened in. His service is exactly for people like me.”

Christian B.

Part-time Trader

When asked if he has seen any early success with Option Rocket, Christian told us, “After 2 weeks and 8 trades, I am up $1,183.75.  Five of them were positive. Three were at a loss, which gave me a win rate of 62.5%,” he said.

He added, “My big wins were Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO) with a 59% gain and Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (SRPT) for 28% (That could have been a double, but I took out profits early to build my $$$). I’m also up $525 (27%) on an open position with Axon Enterprise Inc. (AAXN).”

“My average winning trade was $316.69 (25.5% gain) and my average losing trade was $-133.23 (29.1% loss). I could have probably won more and lost less, but hey I’m just beginning,” Christian explained.

“After 2 weeks and 8 trades, I am up $1,183.75. Five of my trades were positive. Three of the trades were at a loss, which gave me a win rate of 62.5%.”

Christian B.

Part-time Trader

Learning To Trade: A Great Way To Hedge Your Bets

One of the greatest rewards for trading mentors like Kyle Dennis and his fellow mentors at RagingBull is to see the lives of their students changing for the better.

With regards to this, Christian explained, “Life has really changed for me because I know have confidence in my ability to support my family.  My job can be taken away from me at any moment, and I’m sure this will happen.  At least I now have a chance to support my family.  In fact, at my age, this is my only chance.”

He continued, “I’m going to keep working at my regular job for as long as I can, but building my skills so that I can one day fully support my family through trading. I live with the worry that one day my job could be taken away from me, but with trading, it’s all up to me.

“Even if my ability were taken away someday, God forbid, I know I could still mirror Kyle and get results,” he says.

The fact is; anyone can face a life-changing situation like a job loss at a moment’s notice. That’s why learning to trade is a valuable skill you can develop while making money. Like Christian, it’s a great way to hedge your bets.  

It’s uncertain where Christian’s current job will take him and how long he’ll stay gainfully employed. Despite the uncertainty involving his career, he is proactively learning how to trade stocks and options while building financial reserves that can help him and his family be well-positioned to weather out any storms that could come their way in the coming years.  

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