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Why Get a Second Job? How The Craft of Trading Changed This Carpenter’s Life Forever

David Serrano


People come to stock trading from all sorts of backgrounds and for all kinds of motives.

For some, it’s the lure of limitless wealth.

For many people, it’s the dream of financial freedom, while others are fascinated by the technical and personal challenges involved in trading.

But David Serrano, a carpenter from Fontana, California, was driven by an even more powerful sense of purpose, one that’s becoming increasingly common in these uncertain financial times.

He needed a second source of income to provide a better life for his family.

David had been reluctantly considering looking for a second job when he chanced upon an ad for Bullseye Trades and decided to learn more about trading.

He freely admits that trading is probably not something he would previously have considered, but he’s quickly become fascinated by the subject and is already making remarkable progress.

And in fact, this shouldn’t be surprising.

While you may not think that carpentry would be an obvious or ideal preparation for trading stocks and options, there are some essential similarities in the mindsets required.

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California carpenter, David Serrano., was seriously considering taking a second job to help support his family when he chanced upon an ad for Bullseye Trades. He decided to give it a go despite, on his admission, being very unsure about what he was getting into. David quickly realized that he had stumbled upon something that had the power to change his life. With his craftsman’s attention to detail, he reveled in the technical precision of the training he received and notched up a quick 60% win on one of his first trades. This early win, of course, gave him new hope for his, and his family’s future.


Fontana, California



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The Craft of Trading: Taking The Right Approach

Like skilled carpenters, successful traders are fundamentally craftsmen.

Both have devoted years to the acquisition of the necessary technical skills, and both dedicate many hours to maintaining and improving the standard they’ve reached.

It’s important to note that technical skill or flair is not in itself enough for consistently excellent performance.

The true craftsman can also be identified by meticulous preparation, almost obsessive attention to detail, and a degree of perfectionism that leaves them forever slightly dissatisfied with their work.

For a carpenter like David, this perfectionism might be reflected in hours spent sanding and polishing his latest creation before reluctantly releasing it to his client.

For traders, it means conducting a detailed review of even their most successful trades, forever looking for ways in which they might be able to improve their performance in the future.

And just as the carpenter will have his favorite chisels, saws, knives, and drills, so the trader will have his favorite charts, indicators, and scanners.

Both will continuously be on the lookout for better tools that might improve their results – even if only by the smallest of increments.

“I currently work as a carpenter by trade. I started looking for better ways to make extra income while still working to help support my family, even considering a second job.”

David Serrano


Why Trading Is Far Better Than Getting a Second Job

With this as his daily experience, it’s easy to understand why for David, the prospect of taking a relatively mundane second job, purely to make a few extra dollars was less than appealing.

And that’s the beauty of trading. It can be practiced in ways that suit almost any lifestyle, and that complement any profession.

Why would David have wanted to take a time-consuming and exhausting second job, when trading offers him not only a much more flexible means of earning some extra income but also the chance to change his life.

Serving Your Apprenticeship And Paying Your Dues

Like any good craftsman, David also knows the importance of serving a thorough apprenticeship, and he’s happy to take things steadily under Jeff Bishop’s expert guidance.

“It takes time to be a trader,” explains David, “You have to have patience, time, energy to learn to trade. It really all depends on oneself.”

And this emphasis on self-reliance is indeed one of the hallmarks of the truly successful trader.

No matter how great a mentor you have, and no matter how much money you make by following their suggestions, if you aspire to a long and profitable career in the markets, you must learn to think and act independently.

That means working continuously to improve technical skills, putting together a kit of favorite tools you understand thoroughly, and, perhaps most importantly, designing and consistently executing a trading plan that is yours and yours alone.

This process will, in the end, be far more valuable than any short-term profits.

That’s why David is in no hurry to try and go too far too fast and perhaps put at risk his limited trading capital.

“Jeff can be transparent and offer one good trade a week,” he explains, “and for me, that’s good enough to learn as I go.”

“It wasn’t until I saw a RagingBull ad by Jeff Bishop that got my attention, and being new to Bullseye Trades, I have the opportunity to learn about investing.”

David Serrano


Notching Up a 60% First Trade Win

With that being said, like so many of Jeff’s students, David has enjoyed some striking early success.

“My first winning trade as a new trader with Jeff was DraftKings [DKNG],” he recalls, “for 60% profit gains. Not bad for my first trade, but it could have been better.”

And as encouraging as that kind of win may be, it’s the “it could have been better,” part of David’s response that’s most telling. This kind of remark reveals a commitment to learn and focus on the process rather than any immediate financial goals.

“My first winning trade as a new trader with Bullseye Trades was DraftKings for a 60% gain. Not bad for my first trade.”

David Serrano


Learn > Risk > Gain: 3 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

I needed to do something different on the side to help my wife, my kids, my family,” is how David sums it up, “and learning as much as I can as I go, risking the money I have, to gain the knowledge I need. Learning to trade is a defining moment for me.”

Indeed, his brief experience so far with Bullseye Trades has already opened David’s eyes to a whole new world of opportunities.

Helping his wife and kids is now about so much more than just the extra dollars he might have brought home from a second job.

It’s about the independence and sense of security that means so much more than just money.

And it’s about, as David puts it, “The goal… to eventually become financially free knowing that I can send my kids when the time comes to go to college.”

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