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How This Super-Busy Executive Hit The Road To Financial Freedom With a $1,500 Win

Devin Gammon


Chances are, everybody has a different concept of what financial independence means.

Believe it or not, for most people, the concept of financial independence has little to do with the achievement of a specific level of income or accumulated wealth.

As 34-year-old trading newbie, Devin Gammon will tell you: no matter how much money or status you have, if you don’t get to choose how you spend your time, you’re not truly free.

Devin is the general manager of a large glass distributor in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although he’s proud of the position he has achieved at a relatively young age, Devin routinely works sixty hours a week. This grueling schedule has made him painfully aware of this significant downside to success in the corporate world.

So what does financial freedom mean to you?

Although your definition may differ, Devin’s description is pretty much spot-on: “I want to be able to create an opportunity to work on my terms and spend more time with my wife and kids. I want the freedom to travel whenever I like, as well as have the financial capability to help and bless others.”

The words above do a good job describing the kind of lifestyle many successful traders enjoy. So it’s not surprising that many people who love the idea of real independence are tempted to try their luck in the markets.

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Devin Gammon of Charlotte, North Carolina is proud of the efforts that have helped him reach the position of General Manager of a glass distribution firm at the young age of 34. He’s also increasingly aware that the 60-hour weeks which he routinely works are robbing him of irreplaceable time with his family as well as opportunities to pursue other interests and passions. Fascinated with trading, he sees it as a potential path to financial freedom and is committed to building on a successful start by devoting as much time as possible to mastering the craft.


Charlotte, North Carolina



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The Uncomfortable Reality of Going It Alone

Unfortunately, studies conducted by reputable experts suggest that about 90% of traders lose money. At first glance, that’s a sad statistic, but it shouldn’t be that shocking.

It’s reasonable to assume that people starting a small business have first undertaken thorough market research. We also assume they have sufficient working capital to see them through their start-up phase. And, above all, we assume they’ve prepared a detailed business plan.

Nevertheless, according to the United States Bureau of Labor, 50% of new businesses are expected to fail in their first five years, in spite of all these best efforts and preparations.

It’s also easy to imagine how much worse this scenario would be if these business owners behaved as all too many traders do by throwing themselves into the market with a bare minimum of funds and only the sketchiest idea of how they’re going to trade.

As frightening as the 90% loss rate might sound, the good news is that it’s relatively simple to ensure that you become one of the 10% of traders who consistently make money in the markets.

“The challenge that led me to Jason Bond is that I want to be free from my 12-hour-a-day office job and be able to spend more time with my family. I want to be able to travel, as well as be a blessing and a help to others.”

Devin Gammon


The Critical Importance of Learning, Learning, Learning

Simple, though, does not mean easy. The key to successful trading is a lot the same as success in any walk of life: Making a long-term commitment to learning and applying both theoretical principles and practical skills.

The process can be exhilarating; but as with learning any new skill set, it can also be exhausting, frustrating, dispiriting, and at times, boring.

Consistently profitable traders (and other successful people), are for the most part, those who’ve been able to sustain their motivation despite all the obstacles and have prepared for a trading career in the same meticulous way as a successful entrepreneur prepares to launch a new company.

As one highly-successful trader put it, “To succeed where others fail or underperform, you need to get rid of any assumptions or misconceptions and study harder than you’ve ever studied before. You’ll also need patience and perseverance along the way because making six or seven figures as a trader takes years, not just a few days, weeks or months like most people imagine.”

There’s no denying the fundamental truth of these words, which apply equally to all kinds of stocks and financial investments.

“I’ve followed Jason Bond over the past couple years, and his service has always intrigued me. He has never promised a million dollars, but he’s very passionate. I generally had a feeling that he is a genuine person. His story is one that I want for myself.”

Devin Gammon


The Key To The Kingdom

Patience and perseverance are at the heart of Jason Bond’s philosophy and approach. This was one of the primary things that attracted Devin to learning how to trade with him.

Excited about trading, but constrained by the time pressures of his day job, Devin has had the good sense to be patient, spending two years following Jason informally, and gathering as much knowledge as possible before finally getting started with Jason’s Millionaire Roadmap mentorship program.

For Devin, education is the key to the kingdom, “If I could give any advice to a new trader,” he says, “it would be to study, learn, and study some more. You can never have too much education.”

Why Trading Can Be a Fascinating Pursuit

Devin’s studies have included technical trading indicators, like candlesticks, as well as fundamental factors such as macroeconomic data, political developments, wars, and natural disasters, which can move stocks in different market sectors.

Even the driest of news stories can take on a whole new meaning when you have a direct financial interest in companies operating in a variety of market sectors.

It’s the complex interplay of all these elements in forecasting price movements which helps explain the enduring fascination of trading. And why such a small percentage of traders are prepared to persevere in spite of all challenges.

“It was my first day trading with my new MRM membership that I realized a $1,500 profit on just one trade. Pair that with the fact that I made over $1,500 last week. My goal is $500 a day, and Jason’s training has helped me realize my goal.”

Devin Gammon


Two Rapid-Fire $1,500 Wins

As Devin happily recalls, he was very quickly rewarded for his diligence when he finally felt ready to pull the trigger and get started, “It was my first day trading with my new Millionaire Roadmap membership that I realized a $1,500 profit on just one trade.”

More recently, he has enjoyed a net $1,500 gain in a single trading week. Although Devin is still in his first few months of active trading, he’s well aware that this kind of results are likely to be interspersed with losing sequences. Nevertheless, he finds his knowledge and confidence growing by the day.

He’s well aware of the attitude needed to turn his $500 a day goal into a reality. “I’ve found that I am really passionate about trading”, he says, “and I have the drive and mental fortitude to take this and turn it into a profitable reality.”

Now, to be clear, it’s not necessary to have this kind of passion and commitment to enter the market as a part-time stock trader.

On the other hand, if you’re like Devin, and your goal is to generate a full-time income with a comprehensive range of strategies at your disposal to meet all possible market conditions, then no amount of preparation and continuous learning is too much.

The beauty of full-time trading is that it’s not at all like, being a full-time executive. Devin is bringing to his trading the same level of dedication that has brought him success in the corporate world. But as a trader with this attitude, he can expect to enjoy much more control over how much he works.

It won’t be long until he can say goodbye to the misery of his daily commute and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Most importantly, he’s much more likely to fulfill his cherished ambition of “spending more time with family as well as being a blessing to others.”

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