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Less is More: Living Like a King in Paradise Trading Just a Few Hours a Week

Ethan Erickson

Part-Time Trader

Have you ever dreamed of firing your boss, giving up your daily commute, and living a more relaxed way of life in a beautiful tropical paradise?

Of course, for most people, this kind of lifestyle is still just a fantasy, but for 50-year-old stock trader Ethan Erickson, this “dream” is fast becoming a reality.

The cool thing is; Ethan doesn’t need to rack up millions in his accounts before starting his ideal life. He sees part-time trading as a viable way to start living his dream right now.

“I just want to make enough money to live my life in paradise,” says Ethan. He calculates for about $6,000 dollars a month; he can “live like a king” in the Dominican Republic, the tropical island he now calls home.

Six grand a month is less, of course, than what his desired lifestyle would cost him in the U.S. or Canada, but it’s still a substantial sum.

To put that in proper context, in 2018, the Social Security Administration (SSA) put the average American household’s annual income at just over $50,000.

Ethan’s target income of $72,000 a year, or $6,000 a month, would place him comfortably in the top 20% of all earners in the United States. Put that way, Ethan’s goal seems quite ambitious.

So is it possible to earn this kind of money trading stocks and options for just an hour or two a day?

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Having chosen to make his home in what he describes as the “paradise” of the Dominican Republic, 50-year-old Ethan Erickson’s primary trading objective is to make the money he needs to fund his enviable lifestyle. Even though it sounds like a dream, with the right mentoring and a sniper’s approach to trade selection, nowadays Ethan spends less than an hour a day on his trading screen to meet his income goals.


Dominican Republic


Part-Time Trader

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Daily Profit Machine

Getting Better Results By Doing Less

It almost seems counter-intuitive, right? We’re so used to being told that the key to success lies in working more and more hours, by moving more units of product, or by getting more high-value clients.

Stock trading, on the other hand, can be quite different. It’s one of the few areas of life, indeed business life, in which it can be truthfully said that “less is more”.

For many people trapped in jobs that offer little or no opportunity for advancement or creative satisfaction, the idea of trading stocks for a living can be highly seductive.

Of course, there are many examples of people who have enjoyed success by devoting themselves entirely to their career as an engineer, architect, or some other profession. But how much freedom do they have? The answer to that question is highly subjective. Everyone defines freedom and success in their own way.

The Danger of Chasing Too Many Opportunities

The problem for some people is that day trading offers almost too much opportunity. Let’s face it; there’s a market open somewhere in the world practically 24/7. The screens and prices are always blinking and changing.

There are so many technical indicators and trading strategies just begging to be tried out. It’s all too easy to get mesmerized sitting in front of your screen day and night.

Trying to mentally process this volume of rapidly-changing information while becoming increasingly fatigued can eventually lead to information overload and bad trading decisions.

It’s a pattern which Ethan would undoubtedly recognize.

A self-confessed “RagingBull junkie,” he had signed up for several services, but initially struggled to make money trading penny stocks. This is largely because his broker was not well-suited for trading penny stocks, and it struggled to fill his orders on time. Sometimes, not at all.

When he switched to options trading, Ethan saw an immediate improvement in his results before an overly-emotional trading decision temporarily ruined everything.

“Things were going well, and I got up to about 13k in my account, then I got greedy, and went all in on NVDA [Nvidia Corp] in December of 2018. Ouch! Down by 20k.”

“Things were going well, and I got up to about 13k in my account, then I got greedy, and went all in on NVDA [Nvidia Corp] in December of 2018. Ouch! Down by 20k.”

Ethan Erickson

Part-Time Trader

Finding a Trading Style That Best Fits Your Life Goals

Understandably demoralized, Ethan was forced to take a break from the market and reassess his strategy. He quickly came to believe that one of the most important keys to success is to find a trading style that best suits you and the kind of life you want to live.

Although he’s still a member of several RagingBull services, and rates them all highly, under his current circumstances, he’s finding it’s best to rebuild his confidence and get better results by focusing on just one. “Davis Martin’s style of trading best fits my lifestyle,” says Ethan, “It involves the least amount of stress. It’s my 30 minutes a day job. LOL”

Although he may laugh about it, the truth is, sound principles support Ethan’s new approach. The fewer hours you spend looking at a screen and the fewer trades you place, the less you’ll be inclined to worry about outcomes.

You’ll worry less about what the market may or may not do. After all, there’s so much that’s entirely out of your control. By worrying less, you’ll be less inclined to make poor decisions while under emotional stress, or when you’re fatigued.

“Davis Martin’s style of trading best fits my lifestyle. It involves the least amount of stress. I call it my 30 minutes a day job. LOL.”

Ethan Erickson

Part-Time Trader

Part-Time Trading For More Fun And Profits

Now, of course, if you have the analytical type of mind that likes to go deep into every technical detail, trading will offer you all the opportunities you could want, and more. But for most people, and indeed, for Ethan, the best results and the most fun can be had by sticking to limited trading hours.

The great advantage of this relaxed approach to trading is you can do almost anything else you like with the time you spend away from the screen. If this style of trading appeals to you, you may want to keep your day job and see trading as a side hustle.

Whatever you choose to do, there’s no doubt that the time you spend away from the trading screen will work wonders for your health, emotional serenity, and mental sharpness.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that Ethan already sees some great results trading options with Daily Profit Machine.

“I just made $2,000 on 2 quick moves. MSFT (Microsoft) calls, and SPY (SPDR) puts. I set my alarm to look for Martin’s recommendation. Then, I got in and out!”

Ethan Erickson

Part-Time Trader

Living Life On Your Own Terms

“I just made $2,000 on 2 quick moves. MSFT (Microsoft) calls, and SPY (SPDR) puts. I set my alarm to look for Martin’s recommendation,” Ethan said enthusiastically, “Then, I got in and out!”

Like all traders, Ethan will need to accept his share of losses, but with sound risk management, he won’t need too many $1,000 wins to hit his monthly income target.

And with that will come the achievement of his most valued goal, which is to live life on his terms in the beautiful country he has come to love. “5 to 10 minutes a day, and I’m done!” is how Ethan describes his new working day, “Then, I’m off to enjoy my island.”

Obviously, not all trading days will be quite that easy, but Ethan’s excitement is entirely understandable. After all, what’s the point of moving to paradise, if you’re going to stay home staring at a computer screen all day?

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