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Netting a $915 Win in 4 Hours: What This Sports Coach Can Teach You About Trading

Greg Skollar

Sports Coach

There once was a successful, well-known golf pro who always wore a left-hand glove prominently decorated with the word “KISS.”

Asked what KISS meant, the golf pro replied, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

He strategically placed this simple reminder on his glove, so he could see it every time he addressed the ball.

So what’s that got to do with stock trading?

Well, because golf and trading are essentially simple activities that often get overly complicated by information overload and excess technical analysis.

Now, granted, success in either field does require a grasp of certain fundamentals.

Just as nobody gets very far in golf without cultivating a proper grip, stance, and posture, not many traders survive in the markets without a good understanding of price action (aka supply & demand) as well as risk management.

The good news is, these are relatively easy things to learn and apply consistently.

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Native New Yorker, Greg Skollar, has spent the last 20 years in Atlanta, Georgia, where he runs a company that teaches kids tennis and golf. There are worse ways to make a living, no doubt, but Greg has always been fascinated by the equity markets and was looking for a way, as he puts it, “to learn to love Mondays again.” Attracted to the simplicity of Jeff Bishop’s trading methods, Greg has already posted a $915 profit in a single 4-hour trade and is now setting some ambitious financial goals for himself.


Atlanta, Georgia


Sports Coach

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What a Golf and Tennis Coach Can Teach Stock Traders

The bad news, as kids’ golf and tennis coach Greg Skollar knows only too well, is that golf, tennis, and trading lend themselves to almost infinite layers of extra technical complexity.

Entire libraries have been written about the intricacies of the golf swing – a movement that lasts a couple of seconds, at most.

Diligent students of the game can quickly come up with a list of dozens of “to do” instructions” that they need to remember and implement while playing their shot.

Likewise, the enthusiastic newbie trader can study an almost unlimited number of potentially profitable strategies, supposedly “must-have” indicators, and risk management rules.

“As a business owner, I’ve always loved the equity markets. Bullseye is an amazing service, and Jeff’s details with each trade make it easy for anyone to follow his idea of the week and pull the trigger at a level they’re comfortable with.”

Greg Skollar

Sports Coach

The Dangers of Information Overload

Have you ever seen a rookie golfer taking forever to start his swing, white knuckle gripping the club as though his life depended on not letting go?

Then, there’s the newbie trader who repeatedly struggles to pull the trigger on trades, no matter how enticing the set-ups.

Chances are, they’re both suffering from severe information overload or what’s commonly known as “paralysis by analysis.”

And just as it’s hard to make a free, easy swing of the club while your mind is clouded and confused, so it’s difficult for traders to win while mixing different strategies, applying numerous indicators, and seeking confirmation of their trades on multiple time frames.

At best, they’re slow to enter and exit profitable positions, which usually produces less than optimal results. At worst, they become so overly-cautious and anxious that they can’t bring themselves to trade at all.

How Greg Recovered His Drive

Now, nobody is saying that study and practice aren’t necessary.

Consistent success in trading and sports certainly demands a great deal of both.

But there’s a right and wrong way to go about it.

And his work as a coach and a trainer of fellow sports entrepreneurs has convinced Greg that keeping things as simple as possible is the key to consistent success.

Always fascinated by the equity markets, he turned to trading as a way of building an alternative income stream, and as he puts it, “To learn to love Mondays again:).”

Fortunately for Greg, while searching for a trading mentor, he quickly discoveredJeff Bishop, whose philosophy aligns perfectly with his own.


“Jeff Bishop is clearly an expert, and I wanted to learn to love Mondays again:)”

Greg Skollar

Sports Coach

Why It’s Best To Start Live Trading Sooner, Rather Than Later

“I just loved the simplicity,” he says, “and Jeff’s details with each trade make it easy for anyone to follow his idea of the week and pull the trigger at a level they’re comfortable with.”

Experience has repeatedly confirmed Greg’s belief that no amount of theoretical or technical knowledge can substitute for practical hands-on experience.

And just as golfers can’t really learn to play until they start hitting balls on the course, traders can’t develop their essential technical, psychological and emotional skills until they start placing live trades.

Yes, that advice might be financially disastrous for the unguided newcomer, but with the help of an expert mentor, there’s no need to delay getting started.

And there’s no reason the student trader shouldn’t continue adding to their theoretical knowledge while placing live trades.

The fact is, you have to do both to achieve true, independent success as a trader.

Netting a Smooth $915 Win In Just 4 Hours

Taking a hands-on approach is already paying big dividends for Greg.

One of his first trades underJeff’s guidancewas an options win on Adobe Inc. (ADBE), which netted him a cool $915 gain in just four hours.

As a sports coach, though, Greg knows very well that simple isn’t the same as easy. He also knows that sustained success comes only from consistent effort and application.

The difficulty is not finding a profitable strategy; there are plenty of those to choose from.

Success is being able to persevere despite all obstacles and setbacks until you can execute your entries and exits automatically, without emotion, and with perfect risk management.


“ADBE. June 8th, $915 in profits in less than 4 hours!”

Greg Skollar

Sports Coach

Making $1 Million In The Markets

Regardless of the individuality of their swings, the world’s best golfers invariably have a pre-shot routine they follow without fail. This routine helps them pull the trigger with minimum stress and a maximum chance of success.

Like Greg, what they know is that if you find something that works, then rinse and repeat it, you’ve got a workable strategy for sports, trading, or almost anything you do.

“Step 1 is to grow my account to $100k,” he says, “Then, 10x it from there.”

This, of course, is a proven approach to the markets that has made many traders wealthy indeed.

And there’s no reason why Greg shouldn’t soon be following in their footsteps.

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