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A Great Way To Start Over: Why So Many Financially-Challenged Professionals Are Turning To Trading

Jana Chambliss

IT Project Manager

Losing your job at any time can be a heavy and potentially crushing blow.

But losing your job can be so much worse if it also brings an end to a long, cherished, and successful career.

In the COVID-19 era, the misfortune has been compounded by the simultaneous loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

Each job loss represents a real person with hopes and dreams to sustain, perhaps families to support and mortgages to pay.

Whatever their circumstances, every adult with bills and other financial responsibilities has an urgent need to start working and earning again, just as soon as humanly possible.

Many people will be forced to find or create a new career, whether they like it or not.

This almost certainly means they’ll need to learn a new, financially-valuable skill, which could mean going back to school for more qualifications or perhaps starting a new business.

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After becoming one of the hundreds of thousands of economic casualties due to the COVID19 pandemic, Jana Chambliss of Houston, Texas, turned to stock trading. For her, the loss was not just of a job, but of a career as a medical IT Project Manager that she had cherished for more than 20 years. It was a blow that might have been devastating, but instead, Jana became motivated to take back control of her financial affairs and seek independence through trading.


Houston, Texas


IT Project Manager

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The Challenges of Finding a New Career in Mid-Life

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a change of career if that’s what you really want to do.

The problem is, entering a new field may bring with it unique challenges and competition that may have increased by the economic impact of the pandemic.

A new career also may involve acquiring new skills or a degree that could require a significant financial investment.

At the very least, this can be a significant deterrent for people who have already lost their income and maybe rapidly burning through their savings. At worst, it can be an insurmountable barrier to further progress.

So the prospects for anyone looking to restart a conventional career or even get a foothold in a workplace any kind can seem pretty bleak.

That’s why when the pandemic brought a sudden and unexpected end to Jana Chambliss’ 23-year career as a medical IT Project Manager; she immediately realized that she needed to look for an alternative path to financial security and independence.

“Losing my job of over 20 years made me realize that I needed to be more in control of my financial future.”

Jana Chambliss

IT Project Manager

Why Trading is The Perfect “Start Over” Business

The alternative career path Jana chose was stock trading.

Industry sources suggest that millions of people entered the markets since the pandemic began. Fortunately, unlike conventional careers, when it comes to trading, there’s no need to worry about competition.

Today’s markets are so vast; there’s more than enough room for everyone.

The more traders who participate in the markets, the better, as every trader adds to the liquidity that’s essential for a smoothly functioning market – one that enables traders to enter and exit quickly and safely at their preferred prices.

Better still, it’s possible to get a thorough education in trading for a fraction of the cost of a college degree or vocational qualification.

Plus, there’s no need to spend frustrating weeks or months looking for a new employer or client.

And as little as $500 will do for start-up capital.

The Crucial Importance of a Sound Market Education

The markets are there every day, they’re open to all, and they neither know nor care about your life experience, educational background, or financial status.

All that’s necessary for success is that you treat the markets with respect.

Just as nobody in their right mind would sail across the ocean in a fragile craft without first learning about navigation, winds, and tides, no sensible trader will start risking real money in the markets before getting a sound trading education under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

The good news is, this kind of education is readily available. With the help of Ben Sturgill ofDaily Profit Machine, combined with a healthy dose of determination, it was only a few short weeks before Jana felt able to place her first real-money trade.

“I watched videos from other programs, and Daily Profit Machine seemed to have the most consistent results.”

Jana Chambliss

IT Project Manager

Racking Up a 70% Profit in a Single Weekend

“I implemented the Friday weekend trade with $2,000,” Jana recalls, “and came out this Monday morning [with] $1,400 more than I went into the weekend with!”

Although this former project manager describes her early win as an “amazing windfall,” she’s a little unfair to herself.

Jana’s excitement is understandable, but more importantly, she has already grasped the hard work required if she is to repeat this kind of success consistently.

Jana’s excitement is understandable, but more importantly, she has already grasped the hard work required if she is to repeat this kind of success consistently.

“Don’t give up. Watch the training videos. Follow the guidance that you are given,” is what Jana tells others. And she’s intent on following her own advice.


“I invested $2,000 last Friday, and this morning (Monday), I have $3,400 in my trading account! An amazing windfall!”

Jana Chambliss

IT Project Manager

How To Replace a Full-Time Income by Trading

“My goal is to replace my previous income,” she explains. And although that’s certainly an ambitious goal, it’s a very achievable one.

More and more people in the post-COVID world are going to be pursuing similar goals.

The key to success is to take advantage of the miracle of compounding.

This means retaining a proportion of trading profits in your trading account so you can safely increase your position sizing – and therefore, your future profits – without any corresponding increase in the percentage risk you’re taking.

Of course, it takes some time for this process to gather momentum. But, if you can keep the snowball rolling by compounding regular small wins, your account can grow at an astonishing rate.

In time, you’ll also have a chance to withdraw ever-larger sums for your personal use.

“I feel more confident about my financial future,” is how Jana sums up recent events, and her response to losing her job indeed gives every indication she’ll be successful on her new career path.

All successful people know, after all, what may appear to be a loss can be a valuable opportunity to learn and embrace a new, potentially-rewarding beginning.

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