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127% On a Single Trade: How This Busy Single Mom Found a New Outlook On Life

Mandy Kosak

Real Estate Investor

Not too long ago, most working people had no choice but to fit their lives around their jobs.

Paying their bills and putting food on the table for their families was the only thing that mattered.

A few years back, not many people knew the concept of “work-life balance,” and the few who did were quick to dismiss it as a utopian and impractical notion.

Nowadays, though, the concept of work-life balance is all-pervading.

Unfortunately, today’s technology allows us and often compels us to work even longer hours.

Economic uncertainty and the rise of the gig economy push more and more people into working more than one job.

For some, it can be a liberating opportunity to design the life of their choice, but for others, it can feel like running on a treadmill.

After 20 years as a successful real estate investor, Mandy Kosak would probably count herself as one of the lucky ones.

But as a single mom of four, one son having a serious medical condition, Mandy was looking for a way to rebalance her life and spend more time at home.

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Busy single mom, Mandy Kosak of Dayton, Ohio, worked 20 years as a real estate investor. But the medical condition of one of her 4 children meant that she needed to find an extra stream of income that would allow her to spend more time at home. After concluding that trading would meet her needs perfectly, she started working with Nathan Bear and quickly enjoyed some encouraging wins. Mandy is now increasingly confident that achieving her goal of making a million dollars through trading is entirely possible.


Dayton, Ohio


Real Estate Investor

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The Supreme Importance of Starting On The Right Foot

Finding a mentor you can identify with is undoubtedly valuable in ways that go far beyond education in technical skills – important though these are.

And as might be expected of someone with a track record of business success, Mandy has quickly learned from Nate the vital importance of a disciplined, professional, and, above all, independent approach to trading.

“Start small and start slow,” is her message to new traders. “Patience is key and keep learning! Do your due diligence before making any trade. Blindly entering a trade just because one of your mentors did, is a bad habit and may not end well.”

It couldn’t be said better.

“I wanted to make money from home because my oldest son has a seizure disorder, and it can be difficult to work outside the home because of his condition. I also love having multiple streams of income, and I’m not getting any younger.”

Mandy Kosak

Real Estate Investor

Journaling Her Way To Financial Independence

Stock tip or “trade of the day” type services are a dime a dozen, but the effective trading mentors’ aim is to give their students the tools they need to make their own decisions – and to take only those trades that fit their particular financial circumstances and goals.

For example, like almost all pro traders, Mandy has become an enthusiastic keeper of a detailed trading journal in which she records every trade she makes. She records the thinking behind the entry and exit, and her thoughts on how she might have done better.

“I love the transparency of Nate’s trading, and I also found his trading style to be in line with mine! He’s such a great teacher, not only about trading but about the psychology behind it. I find his edge and his consistency in taking trades based on his edge and technical setups to be so smart.”

Mandy Kosak

Real Estate Investor

The Hidden Gifts The Trader Lifestyle Brings

“I look for Nate’s setups,” says Mandy, “and take a lot of my own trades based on his teachings. For example, I took AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.] before he did and made an average of 127% on that trade.

“Another example, I took TLRY [Tilray Inc.] after he recommended the trade, and I’m up 11% in less than 2 hours,” she adds.

These kinds of wins are naturally exciting, but perhaps more important for her long-term work-life balance is that Mandy has fallen in love with the process of trading – a feeling that all consistently profitable traders share.

“I wake up every morning and can’t wait to see what the market is doing,” she says, “I love to learn what’s going on in the world. Not just about trading, but about world events, the economy, and more.”

“I look for Nate’s setups and take a lot of my own trades based on his teachings. For example, I took AMD before he did and made an average of 127% on that trade! I’ve learned how to analyze trades, scale in, and/or out, and I’m seeing some nice gains.”

Mandy Kosak

Real Estate Investor

Living Life On Her Terms

That being said, Mandy has very clear financial goals. And even more importantly, she knows exactly why she wants them and what their achievement will mean for her and her family.

Ask her to define her aim, and she’ll reply at once, without fear or qualification, “My ultimate goal is to make a million. I want to be a self-proclaimed millionaire from trading. This will have a profound impact on helping my kids through college, helping my older son with his medical needs, and hopefully, traveling and living life on my terms!”

It might sound ambitious, but many traders before her have enjoyed just these kinds of rewards and more. With the zest and attention to detail that Mandy’s bringing to the redesign of her life, there can be little doubt that she’ll also succeed.

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