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1,694% Win in 2 Days: How This Aeronautical Engineer Found His Trading Edge

Matthew Kneisler

Aeronautical Engineer

“What’s my edge?”

If you’re interested in business and entrepreneurship. And, as a trader, you should be – you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times.

If you’ve ever read business books or taken any of the many courses available online, it’s one of the first things you’re asked to define.

Yes. The concept of having an “edge” is very much in fashion, but there’s nothing new about it.

Having an edge refers to the advantage every business needs to survive and prosper in today’s highly-competitive markets.

Aeronautical engineers like Weekly Money Multiplier student Matthew Kneisler, for example, work hard every day to design aircraft that will deliver maximum efficiency for their airline customers.


Well, because marginal improvements in passenger numbers and payloads; range, fuel consumption, and noise mitigation may not seem all that significant in the case of a single aircraft; but they have a huge impact on the profitability of major carriers with hundreds of planes in the air every day.

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Despite the absorbing interest of his career as an aeronautical engineer, 56-year-old Matthew Kneisler, of Fort Worth TX admits to being fascinated with trading throughout his life. And although years of study gave him an abundance of what he calls “book smarts,” until recently, he never felt the confidence or “the edge” that comes from practical experience under the guidance of an expert mentor. Since signing up for WMM, Matthew has seen some early wins and now looks forward to leaving the world of aviation in favor of true financial independence.


Fort Worth, Texas


Aeronautical Engineer

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Weekly Money Multiplier

Why You Need a Trading ‘Edge’

And the same applies to traders.

While a slightly smaller profit or bigger loss on a single trade will make little difference to our trading accounts, marginal improvements make an enormous difference to long-term profitability, particularly when we can leverage the tremendous power of compounding gains.

Fortunately, trading is a lot simpler than aeronautical engineering.

To begin with, we don’t have to worry about external competition. And today’s markets are so vast there’s more than enough room for all retail traders to make a handsome living.

“I understand the fundamentals of options. You could say I have the book smarts. However, I needed a mentor to show me the street smarts. This is the main reason for joining. Watch, learn, grow.”

Matthew Kneisler

Aeronautical Engineer

The Key To Trading Survival

Even the most complex of strategies and indicators can be understood by those of us for whom engineering-level mathematics will forever be a mystery.

That said, as Matthew has found since joining Weekly Money Multiplier, traders need always to be looking for ways to improve because there’s a fine line between making consistent profits and consistent losses.

Just as in the aviation industry, survival, and long-term profitability come down to meticulous attention to detail.

So the most successful traders are those who consistently take extraordinary pains to refine and perfect their favored strategies – even when they’re already profitable.

Why Technical Knowledge Alone Is Not Enough

Above all, these exceptional traders take immense care over their risk management, the most critical determinant of long-term success.

A lifetime in his profession gave 56-year-old Matthew a high aptitude for technical, mathematical, and theoretical experimentation – all of which can help traders.

However, he instinctively knew that he needed more than the skills he had developed during his career.

“I began trading options in 1986,” he recalls, “but never had a mentor to help direct the steps. I’m encouraged by Jeff Bishop and Nathan Bear, who are showing me clever ways to build an edge.”

“Live views of Nathan’s trading platform. I can see when he is an option and how he holds it through thick and thin.”

Matthew Kneisler

Aeronautical Engineer

How “Street Smarts” trump “Book Smarts”

So, what exactly is the edge Matthew’s getting from Weekly Money Multiplier?

Well, after many years of fascination with options trading, his answer comes down to just two words… “street smarts.”

“I understood the fundamentals of options,” he says. “You could say I had the book smarts. However, I needed a mentor to show me the street smarts. This is the main reason for joining. Watch, learn, grow.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with theoretical knowledge.

In fact, it’s essential. But just as aeronautical engineers can only test their theories by letting their creations take flight, reading all the trading books in the world and scoring 100% on a written test on their contents won’t help you until you go live in the markets.

The Power of Live Hands-On Experience

All this can seem like a daunting prospect, for sure. But this is why the right mentoring is so valuable.

From day one, you can gain practical hands-on experience of trading mechanics by following an expert practitioner’s trades while enjoying tremendous profit opportunities and limiting your risk.

“With live views of Nathan’s trading platform,” explains Matthew, “I can see when he is an option and how he holds it through thick and thin.”

And it’s this exposure to the daily reality of trading, the technical decisions that have to be made along with the emotional ups and downs that must be dealt with. Experiencing all this gives properly mentored students an edge.

Can you learn these things without a mentor?

Of course. But the road will be longer, more challenging, and significantly more costly.

With Nathan’s help, by contrast, Matthew has already scored some impressive, confidence-boosting options wins.

“On Nathan’s recommendation, I bought 5 WIX APR 18 Butterfly (125 130 135) at $0.78 and sold them two days later for $13.22. Wow! That was a 1,694% return!”

Matthew Kneisler

Aeronautical Engineer

Staying Grounded After a 1,694% Return in Just 2 Days

“On Nathan’s recommendation, I bought 5 WIX [Wix.Com], APR 18 [Apr Energy], Butterfly Network (125 130 135) at $0.78 and sold them two days later for $13.22. Wow! That was a 1,694% return!”

Now, of course, those kinds of results don’t happen every day, even for professional traders like Nathan Bear.

But they’re not that unusual either. And if Matthew can continue as he’s started while managing the losses all traders can experience, he has every prospect of a long and profitable career in the markets.

“Watch the leaders and learn,” is what he tells others. “Put your hand to the plow and give it a try. [But] If you are successful, put your pride in check. Otherwise, you’ll soon be parted from your hard-earned money.”

In the long-run, Matthew aims to quit his job and trade full-time, and with that attitude, he’ll surely achieve his goals.



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