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Up 1000% With Just 3 Trades: The Hidden Benefits of Getting a Higher Education in Trading

Rob Bourque

Sales Manager

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered many of the assumptions we had about the world we live in.

Apart from the shocking cost in human life and health, the economy contracted at a rate not seen since the 1930s, and unemployment figures were breaking new records almost by the week.

So it might have seemed like the worst of all possible times to venture into the seemingly risky and uncertain world of the stock markets.

Especially when you’re an out-of-work sales manager with a mixed record (to put it politely) as a part-time trader.

But for Rob Bourque of Shelton, Connecticut, the crisis has provided a great opportunity to reconsider his approach to trading, and indeed his life as a whole.

Since giving Bullseye Trades a trial run, Rob has enjoyed a remarkable run of triple-digit successes, which have reassured him of the enormous wealth-building potential offered by trading the markets.

A newfound commitment to the right kind of learning produced almost immediate results. And within just four weeks of starting to work with Jeff Bishop, Rob had seen his account grow by more than 1,000%.

Profits of 750% on Wayfair [W], 200% on BBBY [Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.], and approximately 130% on DKNG [Draft Kings Inc.] encouraged Rob to convert his trial into a full subscription.

And at the cost of less than 20% of his wins so far, Rob is naturally inclined to regard his subscription as one of the best investments he’s ever made.

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Currently out of work sales manager, Rob Bourque of Shelton, Connecticut, found his fragile confidence shaken by some mixed results from his early trading experiments. But with his recent discovery of Jeff Bishop and Bullseye Trades, everything has changed for the better. In just four weeks, Rob was able to recover the cost of his membership more than 5 times over. And now, he has no hesitation in saying that the experience has transformed not just his current financial situation but his entire attitude toward what’s possible in life.


Shelton, Connecticut


Sales Manager

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Trading as a Viable Source of Long-Term Income

These recent successes have proven to Rob beyond a shadow of a doubt that trading can be a viable alternative or addition to conventional employment.

They’ve also given him a new self-assurance that can help him rebuild his previous career if that’s the path he chooses to follow.

That’s because the experience of learning a new skill in the right way and overcoming the inevitable difficulties all new traders face has helped repair Rob’s fragile confidence so that now, he’s far better placed to move forward in whatever direction he may decide.

The reason is that the mental attributes developed in learning a skill like stock trading are readily transferable to the learning of others.

Not that the specific skills are themselves transferred. Dramatically improving your prowess at the chessboard isn’t in itself going to accelerate your progress at math.

However, the tenacity, focus, and determination you acquire while learning to trade, along with the concentration and focus on problem-solving, will spill into other areas of your personal and professional life.

“I wanted an expert’s opinion, to pick a chart, trade, explain a little more in-depth, be able to study it, and the thought process applied behind things, to help me with not only that idea, but be able to apply it on my own to others.”

Rob Bourque

Sales manager

Gaining Something More Valuable Than Money

Most importantly, the knowledge that you can succeed in achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself, no matter how much or little natural aptitude you may think you have, will supercharge your confidence in a way that no amount of theoretical learning or counseling can match.

Perhaps Rob instinctively understood this important dynamic, but after his previous discouraging experience, he also knew he needed some help with the technicalities of trading.

And the best way to learn, by far, is through focused practice under the guidance of a top-quality mentor.

“I wanted an expert’s opinion,” he recalls, “to pick a chart, a trade, explain a little more in-depth, be able to study it, along with the thought process applied behind things.”

“Price was a factor; I don’t like parting with money without seeing a potential gain. Turning $375 into just under $3,000 was a feeling I’ll never forget. And the 2nd best in my life! :)”

Rob Bourque

Sales manager

The Joy of Independence and Flexibility

Rob realized that it’s not enough to simply follow suggested trades.

Consistent long-term success requires an understanding of the principles that lead an experienced trader to take a position, and the ability to apply those principles independently, in the absence of direct instruction.

With this attitude, and with the remarkable run he recently enjoyed, Rob may neither need nor want to return to his previous life.

“I’ve stopped worrying so much about money, a job, employment, and a paycheck,” he says, “and I’m getting more confident about being able to produce significant returns, percentage, and amount-wise, out of the markets.”

It’s worth noting that one of the biggest advantages of the markets is the flexibility they offer. Many successful traders combine their activities in the markets with full or part-time employment of some kind.

“I’ve stopped worrying about money, a job, employment, a paycheck, and I’m getting more confident about being able to produce significant returns from trading and the market.”

Rob Bourque

Sales manager

Seeing a Brighter, More Secure Future

Of course, what constitutes “significant returns” is different for everyone.

Whether your goal is to make millions or earn a little extra income to supplement your retirement, the markets can offer you a realistic path to that goal.

Given his spectacular recent run, it’s understandable why Rob is pumped up and brimming with enthusiasm.

“I just want to pull ridiculous returns out of the market,” is how he puts it, “grow my balance and be able to live a nice, comfortable, even somewhat luxurious life with the returns for my efforts.

“I’d like to spoil those I care about,” adds Rob, “Like my girlfriend, my parents, and any kids who might be in my future.”

While his financial ambitions are undoubtedly realistic, the most important thing learning to trade the right way has given him back is belief in himself.

And with that, almost anything is possible.

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