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How This Retiree Took Back Control of His Investments And Why He’s Happy He Did

Robert Mills

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Let’s face it; most of us lead busy lives. 

And because we’re so busy, many of us pay professionals to perform services for us that we don’t have the time or skills to do for ourselves. 

For example, we have stylists who cut our hair, tailors who alter our clothes, teachers who educate our children, and detailing shops that care for our cars.

In most cases, this kind of arrangement works well. We hire a professional, and shortly after that, our hair is stylish, our pants fit well, our children thrive, and our car sparkles.

Unfortunately, now and then, this approach doesn’t always work out as well as we’ve planned. Sometimes, the professionals we hire don’t give us the kind of results we were looking for. 

In fact, there may be times when we embrace the wise words of the nineteenth-century playwright, Charles-Guillaume Étienne. 

That’s when we believe that Étienne, who penned the quote that’s often loosely translated as, “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” might well have been a prophet.

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Robert Mills is retired and lives in North Georgia. For years, he had been trusting financial advisers to manage his investments. With disappointing results, he eventually got tired of paying thousands to “lose money” and joined Jeff Williams’ SuperNova trading service. Since joining, Robert has already recouped his initial investment and is enjoying consistent profits as he develops the knowledge and skills he needs to become a successful trader.


North Georgia


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Taking Back Control Of His Financial Destiny

Robert Mills of North Georgia understands Étienne’s quote very well. He has an investment account, and for years, he paid professional financial advisers to help him manage it. Unfortunately, to his dismay, this approach failed to yield the results Robert wanted. 

Instead of growing his net worth substantially over the years, the financial advisers charged him high management fees while giving him only small returns on his investment. 

Every time Robert received his monthly statements, he was disappointed. As time went on, he became more and more unhappy. He grew tired of the low returns achieved by what he refers to as the “so-called professional money managers.” 

It wasn’t long until Robert started looking for a better way to manage his investments. He began to wonder if he could achieve better results by learning to manage his portfolio himself.

“I paid so-called professional advisors to manage my accounts, and they gave me low returns and high fees. In the past, I’ve tried other trading services and spent over $5,000 only to be given stocks and options picks that failed to deliver. “

Robert Mills

Active Trader

First Steps In The Right Direction

Robert’s first steps toward learning to trade stocks on his own were a bit shaky. He tried several organizations over a 20-year period that promised better results but to no avail. “I tried other trading services and paid over $5,000 only to be given stocks and options picks that failed to deliver,” he recalls.

Finally, after years of walking in the wrong direction, he found his mentor, Jeff Williams, and SuperNova. He signed on as Jeff’s student and took the first step toward achieving his goal. “I kept looking, and thank God; I found Jeff and SuperNova.” He had the unique mix of knowledge, skills, and personality Robert had been looking for.

As he puts it, “Jeff is an expert in low-priced, fast-moving stocks, teaching, and a truly remarkable individual.” Finding a trading mentor who had real “skin in the game,” like Jeff Williams, was crucial for Robert.

“Jeff delivers every single day, answering questions and teaching as he trades,” Robert explains enthusiastically.

“I was looking for a teaching service that had skin in the game, and Jeff Williams delivers every single day answering questions and teaching as he trades.”

Robert Mills

Active Trader

Making a Lifelong Commitment To Trading Success

As soon as he joined SuperNova, Jeff and his moderators began coaching Robert on what to look for to become profitable. It wasn’t long until Robert started to make money with his trades.

“Jeff is a smart, humble, no-bull kind of a guy,” he explains, “He’s an amazing teacher and will school you in charts, scanners, and how to set up your trading account.”

As mentioned before, Robert tried stock trading before he found SuperNova. He tried other methods, with little to no success. Because of the disappointing results he got in the past, he was both surprised and impressed with how much he’s learned from the SuperNova team in such a short time.

“Bar none, Jeff’s SuperNova service is the best teaching service I have come across in more than 20 years of trading,” Robert said. “Just follow his rules and start by paper trading and, once you feel ready, jump in, and watch your account grow.”

Robert is now a more confident trader and has made several winning trades. He recently signed up for SuperNova’s Lifetime Membership, which quickly paid for itself and has already made him a profit. Jeff and his moderators are “an amazing group and well worth the investment.”

Moreover, Robert is starting to see Jeff, the moderators, and the other traders in the chatroom as a “second family.” They teach him something new, “every single day.”

“I joined the SuperNova Lifetime program on September 11, 2019. It paid for itself and gave me $2,000 in profits in less than 10 days. Just today, I had over $6,000 in profits thanks to Jeff and his moderators on SuperNova.”

Robert Mills

Active Trader

The Journey From Discontent To Happiness

Robert is currently retired and has taken over managing his 401Ks on his own. Every day he uses techniques he has learned since he joined SuperNova. So far, he’s pleased with the results he’s getting. “My goal is to make enough to live a happy and productive life,” he says, adding that the profits he has made so far have made him a happy customer.”

Because of the expert coaching he’s receiving from Jeff Williams, and the daily advice he gets from the SuperNova moderators, Robert has quickly moved from a feeling of dissatisfaction with the so-called “professional money managers” to happiness with the new-found financial independence he’s enjoying by learning to trade stocks.

Some of Robert’s early SuperNova gains

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