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The Beauty of Options: Why You Don’t Have To Day Trade To Earn a Living In The Markets

Ryan Miller

Full-time Employee

Many hard-working employees dream of having a second income that supplements their salary.

They’re looking for a side-hustle that can fund great annual vacations, a second home, or a car.

Many of these wage earners long to find a viable way to generate extra income, so they can retire early with a far better standard of living than would otherwise have been possible.

Sure. These are great goals to have, but they can be tough to achieve through traditional business routes.

Most of the people we’re talking about are already working long hours.

Add to that the frustrations of long daily commutes, and perhaps the demands of family life, and there may not be enough time or energy left to enjoy evenings and weekends with loved ones.

Trying to start a new business under these circumstances can be a thankless and unforgiving task, especially if it involves risking substantial amounts of start-up capital.

It’s not surprising that many give up or decide not to try at all, resigning themselves to more long years of drudgery and a less than generous retirement income.

Even those who consider trading as a possible route to financial independence are often put off by the incorrect belief that it has to be a full-time activity that requires long hours of screen-time every day and many thousands of dollars in a start-up trading account.

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As a busy, full-time worker, Ryan Miller was looking for a way to boost his income without sitting at a trading screen or in a chat room for hours on end. Undeterred, he eventually found Daily Profit Machine. Working with Ben Sturgill, he’s learning an approach that perfectly suits his needs. Although he started with a small trading account, Ryan has been able to grow it steadily while also enjoying a nice side income. He’s done it by making steady 5 to 10% gains a day.


Reston, Virginia


Full-time Employee

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Daily Profit Machine

The Best Way To Start Trading (Without Quitting Your Job)

Although trading full time is a common approach and a potentially highly-profitable one, it’s not the only way to enter and profit from the markets.

As a hardworking full-time employee, Ryan Miller of Reston, Virginia, has found that excellent results trading part-time, taking very little risk, and starting with a small account.

“I couldn’t be in a chat room all day due to my job,” explains Ryan, “My schedule is busy, but I’ve been able to learn from Ben’s service. I started with a really small account.”

Ryan continued, “I’ve enjoyed his service as it’s helping me to build. I am learning as much as possible and slowly, consistently building my account up. Ben clearly explains how his schedule works and is easy to implement.”

Having this kind of clearly-planned schedule and a simple trading strategy is crucial for any trader. Particularly those who are trying to juggle trading with a full-time job.

Fortunately, it’s something that Ben andDaily Profit Machinehave great experience in helping new traders achieve. It’s a balance that’s possible to strike.


“I wanted to learn how to grow my small account into a big one.”

Ryan Miller

Full-time Employee

Trading Blue-Chips In a Small Account

With Ben’s guidance, Ryan is also benefiting from one of the key advantages of trading options: they can be acquired for a fraction of the underlying stock’s cost.

This advantage brings lucrative blue-chips such as Apple (AAPL), whose stock price is around $118 at the time of this writing) within reach of even the smallest accounts.

The alternative, trading low-priced “penny” stocks, is potentially profitable but inherently risky. It’s especially risky for traders to be away from their screens while holding positions in these stocks.

Options trades, by contrast, can play out over days, even weeks. This makes them ideal for the part-time trader and those who like to take a more measured approach to the markets.

“I liked Ben Sturgill’s approach and couldn’t be in a chat room all day because of my job.”

Ryan Miller

Full-time Employee

Growing a Small Account While Creating a Second Income

While double and even triple-digit wins are not uncommon for options traders, there’s no need to swing for the fences in order to grow a small account into a substantial net worth.

Regular small wins, or base hits, are just as effective over time. And with proper guidance, relatively easy to achieve even for the inexperienced trader.

The reason is the tremendous power of compounding. Small wins are continually added to the trader’s account, thereby increasing the size of the positions that can be taken on future trades.

All this can happen without any corresponding increase in the percentage of risk being taken.

At first, progress may seem slow, but it accelerates rapidly with time and can be maintained even while beginning to draw an income from your trading profits.

The proportion of earnings to be re-invested is a matter of personal choice and will depend on your circumstances. 50 percent is commonly suggested. This percentage still allows for significant account growth when regular profits are being generated.

“Every morning, I’m easily making 5 to 10% no matter what the market is doing. Some mornings it’s clear that over 10% is easily reachable, and I’ve had some really good winners.”

Ryan Miller

Full-time Employee

Building Long-Term Wealth With 5 To 10 % Wins

For example, Ryan is happy to report that he’s easily making 5 to 10% a day, “No matter what the market is doing. Some mornings it’s clear that over 10% is easily reachable, and I’ve had some really good winners.”

And although it’s still early in the game, if Ryan can maintain this kind of consistent performance, there’s no reason he shouldn’t achieve his goal of growing his small account into a much bigger one, even while pulling out a side income.

Just thirty-six years old, Ryan has time, a vital element of a successful compounding strategy, on his side.

That’s why, when it comes to future earnings, Ryan is understandably confident.

“This system has shown me that I can grow my small account, he says, “and make a daily side income fairly easily.”


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