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How a Life-Changing Event Opened The Door To Long-Term Financial Independence For This New Trader

Syed Zafer

Systems Analyst

There’s a common misconception that stock trading is an activity that’s only open to those who already have substantial financial resources behind them.

And this might have been true in the days before the internet.

Nowadays, however, people from all walks of life are turning to stock and options trading for various reasons.

This group includes people looking for an enjoyable way to augment an already substantial retirement income, including some who’ve hit hard times due to illness, an accident, redundancy, or poor financial decisions.

And then some are unable to work at a conventional day job for one reason or another.

Your current life situation doesn’t matter.

That’s because the markets don’t know nor care about your age, race, gender, financial status, education, or physical condition.

Whatever your circumstances or background may be, it’s never too late to pursue a lucrative and absorbing career as an active, independent stock trader.

And it was what he calls a “life-changing experience” that left Syed Zafer, a Cincinnati oil and gas industry systems analyst, with a significant physical limitation that drove him to trading as an alternative career path.

“I enjoy numbers, stats, and challenges,” says Syed, which is understandable given his career background. But in reality, you need to embrace only one of these to become a successful trader.

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Systems analyst Syed Zafer had no prior trading experience when what he calls a “life-changing experience” left him with a physical limitation that forced him to reassess his financial future. While previously relying on rolling his 401(K) benefits into his company’s stock, he realized that a different approach would be required to achieve the financial independence he desired. Since starting with Bullseye Trades, Syed has already scored some encouraging wins and now looks forward to a prosperous and, above all, independent future.


Cincinnati, Ohio


Systems Analyst

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The Limitations of Technical Expertise

Suppose you want to understand the formulae underpinning the calculation of an Exponential Moving Average, Fibonacci retracement, or any other popular indicator. In that case, many online sources can explain them to you.

And if you have a natural aptitude for advanced mathematics, you might even enjoy the experience of learning the concepts mentioned above.

But don’t think for a moment that understanding complex formulae will in itself make you a better trader.

Today’s powerful trading platforms will instantly take care of all the calculations you need with minimal effort on your part.

All you need to know are the principles behind the indicators you use.

And most importantly, the reasons traders may want to buy or sell at a particular price level.

“I never traded in life but accumulated the company’s 401k perks into the company’s stocks. I want to become financially independent and successful.”

Syed Zafer

Systems Analyst

The Personal Qualities That Really Matter For Traders

Even if you didn’t graduate from high school, there’s a good chance you have the basic math and business knowledge needed to become a successful stock trader.

Much more important are the qualities of self-discipline, perseverance, and hard work that Syed has in abundance.

However, considering the health challenges he faces today, it might have been easy for Syed to slip into a destructive cycle of self-pity, anger, and depression.

Instead, misfortune fueled a powerful inner desire that inspired him to find a new financial independence path.

“I chose Bullseye Trades because I found Jeff Bishop’s presentation was honest and trustworthy. His teachings are through his years of experience and not selling miracles.”

Syed Zafer

Systems Analyst

Trading is Not a Quick Financial Fix – It’s a New Profession

“I needed to re-tool myself to manage with a physical limitation,” recalls Syed, but he wasn’t looking for a magical overnight solution so much as a whole new profession.

And after discovering Jeff Bishop’sBullseye Trades, he quickly realized that the stock markets would be his new path.

Jeff’s teachings are based on “his years of experience and not selling miracles,” is how Syed puts it, “Trading is helping me overcome my physical limitations and move towards financial independence.”

Racking Up a 46% Options Win in Just 3 Hours

Despite this understandable excitement at the prospect of a whole new future, Syed’s analytical training led him to proceed with caution.

His advice for other new traders is to take time to master the fundamentals and, with regard to Jeff’s options recommendations, to be content to place just one trade a week.

This strategy that’s already paid off handsomely for Syed.

After a careful study of Jeff’s call options training videos, he felt confident enough to enter the market and test the strategy.

It’s important to note that Syed deliberately describes his first trade as a test; realizing that blindly following a mentor’s recommendations is not a good way for any trader to learn.

Buying a single options contract on Nikola Corporation (NKLA) for $580.67, just 3 hours later, Syed sold it for $849.31, yielding him a quick 46% gain.

“After going through Jeff’s Call option training videos (theoretical knowledge), I applied and tested it. The result was a 46.26% gain within a few hours. I bought one contract NKLA June 19, 2020, 60.0 Call at 9:00 am for $580.67 and by noon sold it for $ 849.31 a net gain of 46.26%.”

Syed Zafer

Systems Analyst

On The Road To Financial Success And Independence

With his naturally analytical and systematic approach to the markets, Syed will likely find this kind of win a common experience. And he’s already on his way to practicing the lucrative new career of his dreams.

Perhaps because of the experience of a personal misfortune, he’s keen to use his new knowledge to benefit others.

He looks forward to his own independence and helps others achieve financial success – just asJeff Bishopand the team at RagingBull have helped him.

“My goal,” explains Syed, “is to leverage someone else’s years of experience and help others who are willing to learn and become financially independent.”

Perhaps the most important thing has seen is that while it’s true that trading is essentially an individual endeavor, a community of like-minded traders can be of enormous value to its members.

This, of course, is a principal the founders of RagingBull understood and taught from day one.



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